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  • Zhejiang GuoJian Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Standard Parts) is an impartial third party testing institution. Our laboratory passed the iden
  • Tsinghua University is a major research university in Beijing, China and a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese universities.Since its establishment in 1911, it has graduated numerous Chinese lead
  • Tongji University is one of the leading universities in China underdirect administration of Ministry of Education, listed on “Project 985” and “Project 211”. With a history of over a century, Tongji h
  • Southeast University (SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the universities of Proj
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), as one of the higher education institutions which enjoy a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China, is a key university directly under the administra
  • The Chinese people's Armed Police Forces Academy, attached to the Ministry of public security, is the country's only public security frontier defence, fire management and specialized technical officer
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