Limited Oxyen Index Tester FTech-ASTM D2863A
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ModelFTech-ASTM D2863A


TESTECH Limited Oxyen Index Tester for the determination under the test conditions specified in oxygen and nitrogen gas mixture just to maintain a minimum sample combustion oxygen concentration required. This tester equipped with imported paramagnetic oxygen sensor and imported mass flow controller to make sure the measurement accuracy and durability. For the assessment of the performance of a homogeneous combustion of solid materials, laminates, foams, films and films under specified conditions.

Standard: ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2

Technical Parameters:

1, The oxygen concentration measurement range: 0~100%

2, The oxygen concentration in accuracy of ± 0.1%

3, N2 mass flow controller range1.015.0L/minAccuracy2%

4, O2 mass flow controller range1.015.0L/minAccuracy2%

5. Oxygen sensor response time: <2s

6. Response time of equipment < 10s

7, The gas flow rate in combustion column is 40mm / s ± 2mm /s;Concentration regulation accuracy ± 0.1%

8, The gas flow rate in top of the combustion tube is 90mm ± 10mm/s

9, Portable igniter, downward spray 16 ± 4mm, flame adjustable range 10 ~ 30mm.

10, The measurement time is 5 mins, and the accuracy is ± 0.5s

11, Double flow meter and pressure gauge device: accuracy ± 1%

12.Working pressure0.1Mpa

13.Glass column inner diameter 80mm , heigh 500mm.

Main Features:

1, Imported paramagnetic oxygen oxygen concentration sensor.

2, Equipped with a high temperature quartz glass column, the opening DIAM. of column cap is 40mm.

3.Equipped with samples holders for physically self-supporting specimens and supported film or sheet test specimens,

4.Mass flow controller automatically adjusts oxygen and nitrogen gas flow rate according to set concentration.

5.The patented gas flow mixing control unit is equipped with nitrogen and oxygen mass flow controllers to precisely control the gas flow.

6.After the oxygen concentration is set on the screen, the PLC  touch screen control system will automatically adjust the oxygen concentration according to the set value. Accurate and convenient;

7.Patented gas mixing chamber ensures more accurate determination of oxygen concentration and more sufficient mixing of oxygen and nitrogen

8.The color LCD touch screen displays the parameters of flow, time and test results in real time.

9. Equipped with special igniter, easy to operate.

Control System:

1,PLC and touch screen make the test more automatic.

2, After the oxygen concentration value is set, the system automatically adjusts the oxygen concentration.

3,The key electrical components are imported, accurate, reliable and durable;

4, The equipment is equipped with an automatic calibration system to avoid the influence of the oxygen sensor drift due to the environmental impact on the test results.

5.One button automatic calibration system, convenient and fast, avoid the trouble of regular calibration.

6.Equipped with safety protection circuit

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