Cleveland Open Cup Auto Flash Point Analyser, ISO2592 FTech-ISO 2592
  • Product Introduction
The instrument complies with ISO2592  "petroleum products of flash and fire assay (Cleveland open cup)," the other standard methods, the use of microcomputer technology control, automated work process, color touch-screen operation, high-speed thermal the printer automatically print the results, and has failed self-test function, and it could be used in petroleum, chemicals, power, environmental protection, railways, research to do flash point testing.
Model: FTech-ISO 2592  Standard:ISO2592
Main Features:
1,7-inch color touch-screen LCD display, English interactive display interface;
2, PID control algorithms automatically adjust the heating curve according to standards;
3, Equipped with automatic detection chip atmospheric pressure to measure atmospheric pressure.
4, A big size data storage function, can store 300 results for any time historical record;
5, Automatic error correction system, automatic stop when temperature is alarm;
6, Mixing, ignition, detection, alarm, cooling, print is automatically controlled;
7, The testing process automatically lidopenning, ignition, alarm, cooling and printing;
8, Platinum alloy heating wire ignition, stable and reliable, high precision;
9, Can be connected to a laptop via USB interface communication, compatible withWINDOWSXP /WINDOWS7 system, network management.
10, Multilingual language operation.
11 ,Warming, openings, fire, alarm, cooling, printing is automatically controlled by system.
12, High-speed signal processors, high-precision analog / digital conversion circuit, stable instrument performance and test accuracy.
Technical Parameters:
1, Display Mode: 7-inch color touch-screen LCD display
2. Measurement: Differential detection type thermocouple
3, Measuring Range: 20 -400 ºC
4. Repeatability: ±2ºC
5. Printer: High-speed thermal printer, 56 mm paper width
6. Ignition: Electronic ignition
7, Temperature Detection: Imported precision platinum resistance
8,Self-test function: Printer, ignition, solenoid valve, the lift arm is detected, the ignition sweep and so draw rod
9, Power Consumption: <700W
10, Use of the environment: 10ºC-45ºC,30-80%  Temperature of 10 ºC -45 ºC, humidity 30-80%
11, Dimensions: 450×380×290mm
12, Power : AC220V±10%
13, Weight: About 15 kg

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