Needle Flame Test Machine, IEC60695-2-2 FTech - IEC60695
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TESTECH Needle Flame Tester is in accordance with national standards IEC60695-2-2 and IEC60695-11-5 to design andproduce.Thetester applies for lighting, low-voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, electrical machines, motors, power tools, electronic equipment, electrical instruments, electrical connectors, accessories and other electrical and electronic equipment and parts, component research, production and quality control departments and insulating materials , plastic or other solid combustible materials industry to carry on  small-flaming ignition experiments.
Needle flame tester uses standard size (Φ0.9mm) needle burner .and burns the sample with specific gas (butane) at the angle of 45 °.we determine the ignition risk of  the small-flame caused by fault conditions in the equipment by testing the sample burningsituation,burningtime and burning  length
Model:FTech - IEC60695
Comply with the relevant standards   IEC60695-2-2 IEC60695-11-5 etc.
Technical Parameters:
1. Needle burner is made of stainless steel:the hole dia. 0.5mm ± 0.1mm, diameter≤0.9mm, length≥35mm
2. Burner flame angle:0- 45 ° (arbitrary adjustment)
3. The combustion gases: 95% butane gas or propane gas;
4.Subplate: white pine plank ( 10mm),
Surface covered by   standard silk paper
200mm ± 5mm below the flame
5. Temperature range: 0--1000 ºC
6. The flame temperature requirements:  100 ± 2 ºC ~ 700 ºC ± 3 ºC,
Heating rise time:  23.5 ± 1.0s;
7. The flame height: 12mm ± 1mm;
8. Ignition time: 0s ~ 999.9s adjustable, generally  30s;
9.  Burning time: 0s ~ 999.9s, automatic recording, manual pause;
10. Test Space: ≥0.5m3, black background, (can be customized cubic 0.75 m3 or 1 m3 according to customer requirements);
11. Temperature sensor: K-type insulation-sheathed thermocouple (Φ0.5mm)
12. Automatic test program , independent exhausting system;
13. Dimensions: L1120 * W520 * H1250mm,
The diameter of exhaust :Φ100mm;
14. Test power supply: 220V / AC, 50Hz

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