Foam Plastic Horizontal Burning Test Machine, ISO 9772 FTech- ISO 9772
  • Product Introduction
This machine is in accordance with the national standard ISO9772 :Determining thecombustion  propertiesofthe   foam plasticby horizontal combustion test method. For the determination ofdensityof less than 250kg / m³ foam small sample combustion performance levels in a small flame. The PLCand  touchscreen can realize the intelligent measuring and providethe  convenienceand simple procedure for the experimenter.
It Applies toassessmentof the combustion performance about the burningrate,fireout  time, firing range and quality loss.
Model: FTech- ISO 9772
Standard:  ISO 9772

Technical Parameters:
1. The testerconsists thetest section and controlcomponents  foreasy field installation and commissioning.
2. The large observation window is easy to  observe the  sample combustion state;
3. Advanced industrial appearance and control designing, easy to touch the specimen and burner;
4. Controlling the movement of the burner after closing the door.
5. Bunsen burner is in according with  ISO10093:1998 .
Shaft length : 100 ± 10mm,
Inner diameter : 9.5 ± 0.3mm.
The heightof offlame :38 ± 2mm
6. The programmable controller PLC + touch screen for control / testing / computing / data display.
(1) High-voltage automatic ignition
(2) The digital pressure gauge and the touch screen displays the gas pressure and flow.
(3) Burning time is automatically stored and reflected in the test report.
(4) The test time and flame time can be setfrom  thetouch screen.
(5) The liquid crystal screen  accurately displays the temperature
7. Equipped withsmoke holeandexhaust  fan.
8. Import pressure gauge and pressure regulator.
9. Imported gas mass flow meterand  needlevalve can accurately control the gas flow.
10. The automatic time record can reserve the test time;
11. The volume oftankis more than 0.5m³;
Ambient temperature: 10 ~ 35 ºC;
Relative humidity: ≤75%;
Powersupply :AC 220V ± 10V   50Hz;
Air purity: ≥95% natural gas, propane;
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