45 Degrees Determination Test Machine of Flame Spread Rate FTech- NFPA 702
  • Product Introduction
The sample is located  at the angle of 45°.  And then ignite the sample for  1s.we shall evaluate the  combustion severity  degree of  the textiles depend on the time that the sample burning at the vertical fixed distance .
• ASTM D 1230
• NFPA 702
• CA TB 117 (2000)
• ASTM F 963
• 16 CFR 16.10
Model:FTech- NFPA 702

• Stainless steel cabinet, beautiful and corrosion-resistant, easy to clean;
• Structural lightweight, easy to move;
• Needle valve adjusts the flame height 16mm
• Brand pressure gauge and pressure regulator, gas pressure can be displayed
• Heat-resistant glass door can be easy to observe the internal test status.
• Provide  power supply switch
•After flame  time automatic timing;
• Micro switch can automatically record test end time;
• PLC and  touch screen control system can make the test more automatic;
• Burning rate automatically calculated and stored;
• Equipped with customized brush;  stainless steel; brush pressure 150g on sample;
•  Each cluster of the brush is  20 pieces, the diameter 0.41,  per 25mm length has four 19mm clusters  ;
• Customized stainless steel flame height gauge 16mm;

Model: FTech-GBT14644
Size: 750 (W) x 300 (D) x 900 (H) mm
Power Supply: AC 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 5A
Weight: 30 kg
Description: Providing operating instructions and factory certification

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