The Minimum Ignition Temperature Testing Machine, IEC 61241 FTech- IEC 61241
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This machine is a way of testing the sensitivity of the ignition that the  dust cloud is in the heated environment. When a lot of dust is exposed in heating the air and  the air temperature is high enough, it may lead to spontaneous combustion. This method can test the minimum ignition temperature of combustible dust cloud.
Model: FTech- IEC 61241


IEC 61241-2-1:1994,EN 50281-2-1:1999,
Technical parameters:
1. The Test is carried on the in Godbert-Greenwald furnace.
2. The heating furnace is consist of the vertical  quartz tubes . The hole is at the bottom of the tube.
3. Furnace operating temperature range: room temperature ~ 800 ºC
4.The operating temperature can rise to 1000 ºC to clean the test chamber .
5. Temperature accuracy: ± 1% (higher than 500 ºC), ± 3% (lower than 300 ºC).
6. The  pressure of the dispersion air chamber: 0 ~ 1 bar
7. The pressure accuracy of the air  storage device : ± 5%
8. Size : 500X300X450 mm.
9. Power: 230v / 50Hz or 110v / 60Hz.
Testing process
The Test is carried on the in Godbert-Greenwald furnace. The  heating furnace is consist of the vertical  quartz tubes . The hole is at the bottom of the tube.the glass observing room is connected with sample fixing device at the top of the quartz tubes. The compressed air from the tank blows the dust  into the heating furnace and the sample fixing device ,and then exposed into the glass observing room and the quartz tubes .the heating furnace is located on the holder . And you can observe the ignition appearance from the bottom of the furnace. The test begins from the 500ºC. If you observe the ignition appearance ,you shall decrease the temperature at the 10ºC,until the ignition does not appear.
Results description
When the ignition occurs , the lowest temperature is recorded  as the minimum ignition temperature of the dust cloud .
The minimum ignition temperature of the test data information is used to determine whether the surface temperature of the equipment  can cause the  automatic fire  of the exposed dust . It is an important standard to evaluate the selection of the equipment at the condition of the dusty environment . When using the  minimum ignition temperature testing data ,you shall leave a safety limit for the small-scale test .
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