Anti Igniting Test Machine for Mattress and Sofa, En1021-1. -2, ISO 8191-1. -2 FTech- ISO8191
  • Product Introduction
The device isan analogcigarettes and matches as flame ignition source for resistance to ignition of upholstered furniture conduct test methods and evaluation
This section applies to public places with mattresses, sofas and other upholstered furniture resistance to ignition test and evaluation, furniture Soft package resistance to ignition.
Model: FTech- ISO8191

GBT 18029


EN 1021

BS 5852


Test Apparatus
1、The test rig is made of stainless steel plate which is corrosion resistant.
2、Independent gas control cabinet.
3、Test rig dimension:Back frame 450mm X 300mm.Base frame 450mm X150mm.(GBT 18029,ISO8191-1~2、EN 1021)
4、Option 1:Back frame 450mm X 450mm.Base frame 450mm X300mm.(BS 5852)
5、Option 2:EN597 test rig is optional.Dimension is 450mm X 450mm.(EN597-1~2)
6、Equipped with metal needles for puncturing cigarettes.
7、The wire mesh of diagonal length is 28mm.
Butane Flame Control System
1、Independent gas control cabinet.Size 570*400*420mm.
2、Imported gas flow meter accurately displays gas flow rate of 0-500 ml/min.
3、With functions of 1 hour arrival reminder.
4、Imported needle valve accurately control gas flow rate.
5、Stainless steel burner, external diameter 8mm ± 0.1mm, inner diameter 6.5mm ± 0.1mm, length 200 ± 5mm.
6、The burner angle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
7、Imported gas pressure regulating valve.
8、Precision gas gressure gauge.
9、The accuracy of the timer is 1 s.
10、The environmental temperature of the test is 10℃~30℃ and the relative humidity is 15.0%~80%.
Remarks:Customer have to prepare butane.

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