Carpet Flammability Test Machine, ISO 6925、CFR 1630/1631、BS 6307、BS 4790 FTech- ISO 6925
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With the increase of small carpets and other textiles for the home, fire safety increasingly important. Delay early textile burning speed, can not only save lives, can also win time put out fires at the beginning. Therefore, developing flame-retardant carpets flame retardant testing and received national attention.
TESTECH Carpet Flammability Tester for detecting carpet flammability and flame retardant properties when subjected to a small flame. According to different standards, you can follow two methods to test: hot metal nut method and methenamine pills law.
Model:FTech- ISO 6925

ISO 6925
CPSC CFR 1630/1631
BS 6307, BS 4790
Main Features:
1, Stainless steel box, containing a refractory plate;
2, Equipped with an observation mirror, to observe the testing specimen;
3, To provide a standard metal test model;
4. Provide methenamine standard pills;
5, Provide with stainless steel nuts, can withstand 900 ºC high temperature.
Test Methods
A: Hot nut method
The stainless steel nut heated to 900 ºC in a muffle furnace. Put the test sample into the test chamber with crucible tongs to place the ring on the sample card, remove the nut awayafter afterheating the central position of the ring 30 seconds,and  thenmeasured to assess the fire spread of the sample.
B: Methenamine pills method
Put the test sample into the test chamber, thepositionring is placed on the sample, lit the standard pills. After the flame is extinguished, can be measured to evaluate the efficacy of the combustion.
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