Temperature Oxygen Index Apparatus, ISO4589-3, Nes 715 FTech-ISO4589-3
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Temperature Oxygen IndexApparatus  belongstoantiflamingtest equipment for measuring the combustion performance of the vertical bars or  10.5mmthin  plasticmaterial under test conditions.Itis also suitable for combustion performance of vertical supporting film or thin filmmaterials .
Model: FTech-ISO4589
Applicable Standards

Standard: ISO4589-3: 1996 "oxygen index burning plastic behavior of high-temperature test measurement"
BS2782 Part 143,ASTM D 2863
ASTM 2863
NES 715
Instrument characteristics
1. The combustion cylinder with a heating element and a preheater. the temperature ofcombustioncylinderAdjustable .
2. The computerautomatically  controlsthe entiretest  process. The operator inputs the oxygen concentrationvalue  fromthe keyboard based on the test requirements. The instrument can automatically adjust the oxygen concentration value in the rangeof  setting.
3. Direct detection and display of oxygen concentration value in the sample chamber.
4. Automatic ignition is safe andreliable .
5. The computer automatically handles each set of testdata,and the determining reliability of the testdata  .
Technical Specifications
1.Test temperature range: 25 ºC ~ 150 ºC;
2. The accuracy of the testtemperature  :≤125 ºC  ± 2 ºC;> 125 ºC ± 3 ºC
3. The oxygen concentration setting range: oxygen concentration value l0% ~ 60% (± 0.1%);
4.Theflow of oxygen, nitrogen  can be controlled at the set value; the control precision: ± 0.01L / min, Resolution: 0.01L / min;
5. The oxygen concentration stepsize :  it can be set from 0.1%;
6. The combustion time: 1 second to 300 seconds;
7. The ignition flame height: 15 to 20 mm adjustable;
8. The ignition timing: 15s ± 1s;
9. The quartz glass burner tube dimensions: internal  cylinder(inner diameter ≥75mm, height ≥450mm); outer tube ( the clearance between inner cylinder is  5mm ~ 10mm, the same height as theinternal  cylinder).
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