Hard Casing Flame Retardant Performance Test Machine - Intelligent FTech-JG3050A
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This machine is according to the provisions of paragraph 6.10 JG3050-1998 in combustion testing requirements to develop and produce. The equipment isdivideinto the intelligent and common type to meet the different needs of customers; Different material thickness chooses different fire time, in order to measure the material self-extinguishing test and apply tobuildinginsulation electrical conduit and self-extinguishing test.Thisequipment is used to testresistance-to-firetest ofsinglecatheter which is highly accurate, automatic timing,  ending the test automatically, simple and easy.
JG 3050-1998
Model: FTech-JG3050A
1.The combustion chamber with paint treatment; nice, corrosion resistance;
Size: 650mm X 400mmx 1100mm
2. All sample holder made of stainless steel; corrosion resistance;
3. Import standard burner; Bunsen burner; Nozzle inner diameter is about 9mm;
4.Burnercan adjust the angle of 90 °, 45 °;
5. The flame height level is about 100mm; The height of the blue flame is about 50mm
6. Automatic time recording, automatic storage; 0.1s timer accuracy;
7. PLC withtouch screencontrol system; more intelligent test; recording test data automatically, automatic storage;
8. Imported brands pressure meter and pressure meter adjustment, the gas pressure is more stable
9. Imports needle valve, control of the flame height precisely;flameis more stable;
10.Highintelligence, simple operation;
11.Automatic ignition system;
12.  A flame height gauge;
13. 7 "touch screen with the programmablecontroller ,to achievecontrol /testing/computing/ datadisplay.
14. Pulsed high voltage electronic automatic ignition.
15. Without holding thestopwatch ;the system automatically records the test of time, and generates test reports;
16. The test time and firetime  canbe set bytouchscreen. Meet a variety of test standards;
17. Automatic timer device can record the test time and stored in the system; the report can be found;
1.The voltage: 220V, 50 / 60Hz;
2.Socket with grounding port;
Random with Annex
1. Stainless steel flame height gauge
2. 2 pipe clamps;
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