Multifunctional Fabric Vertical Combustion Test Machine, ISO 6940 FTech-ISO6940-M
  • Product Introduction
This machine is intergrated and designed for the international and domestic standards of vertical flammability. The tester can test the flammability at the vertical direction of the bottom and side surface, can also test pajamas fabrics and fabric combinations, curtains and drapes, protective clothing and fabric flame retardation;
Model: FTech-ISO6940-M
ISO 6940: 2004 vertical flammability performance of vertical samples
ISO 6941: 2003 Vertical Vertical specimen flame spread performance
ISO 10047: 1993 fabric surface burning time is determined
BS 5438: 1989 Vertical Vertical textile and assembly bottom edge ignition and flame retardant properties
BS 5722: 1991 flame retardant pajamas fabrics and fabric combinations
BS EN1103: 2005 taking the combustion performance fabrics
BS EN 13772: 2003 curtain and curtain of flame spread properties
ISO 15025: 2002 Protective clothing insulation and fire-retardant properties
Flammability performance vertical vertical sample AS 2755.1,2,3 Australia and New Zealand
Technical Parameters:
1. Stainless steel box structure, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance;
2. Structure into the ergonomic design, a variety of convenient experiment operation;
3. Sample puts the flexible design, can be free to install various standard test sample.the sample holder is equipped with all the standard regulations;
4. Various experimental time is set free; Flame combustion time, continue burning time, ignition time, etc. System can be saved automatically.
5. Automatic ignition; ignition time is free to set;
6. Equipped with a variety of experimental flame height gauge;
7. The burner drives automatically with the electric motor;
8. The import flow meter can control of the gas flow accurately;
9. The import pressure meter and pressure meter adjust can control the pressure of gas accurately
10. The precision needle can precisely control the gas flow and the flame height;
11. The import burner can adjust the flame height; gas flow rate and air flow;
12. Flame Angle indicator panel can display operation Angle;
13. Torch Angle can be automatically adjusted and accurate positioned;
14. PLC and touch screen control system are useful, intelligent and simple;
15. The experimental data is automatically stored, and can be used freely;
16. The experimental data can be freely printed;
Main features
1. Floor-stand, without placed on a worktable, and can be used conveniently
2. Large combustion rack can hang a variety of test pin box to meet the different standards for test
3. The tester is equipped with seven test pin box and a set of stainless steel sample holder, to meet countries' testing standards
4. Roller screw can adjust the position of burner. burner height can be adjusted by the knob
5. One-click ignition and using spark ignition
6. Butane and propane gases can be switched freely
7. The flame angle indicator can display operating angle
8. Machine can test the height of vertical flame with flame height gauge,
9. The motion of the burner is drived by stepper motor
10. Precision of ignition Angle is 0.18 degrees, can be accurately positioned
11. Touch screen operation can be easily used for operators
12. HMI and PLC control mode, can test different standard states
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