Heat Transmission Test Machine for Protective Clothing ISO9151,EN367 FTech-EN367
  • Product Introduction
This tester is designed according to ISO9151 and EN367; The instrument is simple to operate, the data is accurate, safe and reliable. It is widely used in fire protective clothing related companies and inspection departments;
Model  : FTech-EN367

Technical Parameters
1. The tester is consists of a control box and stainless steel test gantry;
2. The copper calorimeter is made from 99% copper; diameter 40mm, thickness 1.6mm, weight 18g; constantan thermocouple;
3. There is 1.6mm thick copper sample support frame; the size is 150mmx150mm, the middle hole of 50mm x 50mm;
4.  Aluminum calorimeter; dimensions of 149mm x 149mm; thickness of 6mm; intermediate pore size 90mm; weight 264 ± 13g;
5. The specimen support frame is made of stainless steel; And the sample distance is 50mm from the burner mouth;
6. The tester is quipped the imported Meckel burner from the USA; the burner orifice diameter is 38mm ± 2mm;
7. Inlet flow control valve precisely adjust the flame to burn calories
8. Pressure gauge and pressure regulator is imported brands;
9. The metal plate is placed between the burner and heat the sample, can be freely moved away;
10. Timer accuracy is 0.1s;
11. The sample size 140mmx 140mm;
12. Equipped with a metal plate; The size is 140mm x 140mm;
13.  PLC and touch screen intelligent control system;; the system automatically calculates the caloric value;
14. The system of automatic ignition, automatic timing;
15.  The test data is automatically saved and retrieval system, the test report can be printed freely;
16.  Thermocouple accuracy is 0.1 ºC;
17. The test table size: 650mm x 350 mm x 650mm
18. Power supply 220V 50 / 60Hz,
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