Alcohol Burner Combustion Testing Machine, Mt182 FTech-MT182
  • Product Introduction
This tester is developed and manufactured in accordance with MT182 ; The instrument is suitable for non-metallic products for coal mining under laboratory conditions to do the alcohol burner combustion test burning test;
Technical Parameters
1. Test box is equipped with exhaust fan andstalinitewindow.
2. The test box is used with stainless steel cabinet making.
3. Equipped with flame temperature calibration package and flame height detection ruler
4. PLC + HMI automatic control, accurate timing, automatic calculate the  samples to get  the average value of the timing;
5. Timing accuracy up to 0.1s
6. The combustion chamber size is  660 * 660 * 1050mm
7. Control box size 910 * 660 * 1050mm

Alcohol burner combustion tester instrument features
1. Alcohol burner fit to standard required;
2. Burning time is recorded automatic;
3. The flame height can be adjusted;
4. With a special exhaust system, exhaust gas discharged automatically.

Alcohol burner combustion test Instrument Index

1. The combustion time: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds could be set arbitrardily, accuracy ± 0.01 seconds.
2. Flame and flameless timer: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, accuracy: ± 0.01 s;
3. Power Supply: AC220v; 50Hz; 50W;
4. Fuel: 5% (V / V) methanol and 95% (V / V) ethanol mixture (customer self-made);
5. The flame height: 150mm-180mm;
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