Wire Fire Resistance+ Mechanical Shock Testing Machine, IEC 60331 FTech-IEC60331B
  • Product Introduction
Wires and cables that are hard to catch on fire and have the ability to prevent or delay the spread of fire are usually referred to the wires and cables that can be tested by IEC60332-3.This tester is degsigned and produced accordance with the BS6387-2013 and GB/T 19216 to the latest standards requirements. Because two kinds of tests can be carried out on the one electrical control box, this tester could savings much cost for customers.
All kinds of experiments can be freely selected on the touch screen.

• IEC 60331 part 12

• IEC 60331 part 31• IEC 60331-1
• (Option)BS6378:2013 Performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions

Main Features:
1, The burner is a belt type propane blowtorch with a Venturi mixer, and the burner nozzle is length 500mm, width 15mm.
2, Those burning holes are staggered into 3 rows, and the front width is 15mm, holes diameter is 1.32mm and these holes center distance is 3.2mm;
3, Double flow meter and pressure regulator at the inlet.
4, Air flow is (80± 5) L/min,and Propane flow is (5 ±0.25) L/min;
5, Diameter of the K-type  thermocouple is 2mm,
6, One end of the specimen holder is equipped with a clamp to fix the sample, and the other end is convenient for heat transfer along the longitudinal specimen;
7, An inner diameter of the sample supporting metal rings is 150mm, and the cross-sectional diameter of the ring is 10 ± 2mm.
8, Equipped with two 1.5mm thermocouple; horizontal 45mm far away from the burner;Flame temperature is  750+50 °C; according to BS6387 standard temperature 950 ºC;
9, Control system is designed with Intelligent detection, during the test when short circuit occurs, automatic alarm and turn  off the ignition.
10, PLC and touch screen control system, and automatically record store test data.
11, The circuit current fuse is 2A;
12, Samples impose power AV 100V~1000V adjustable;
13, The test time can be set freely, the standard recommending time is 90min,
14, 27m ³ combustor is optional.
Fire Resistance
1, The burner nozzle length 500mm, width 15mm, there are three holes on the nozzle opening troubleshooting, pore radius of 1.32 mm pitch is 3.2 mm. Equipped with Venturi mixer;
2, Installation and testing of the cable ladder fastened to the supporting steel chassis; the testing process can be adjusted on both sides of the vertical component testing ladder depending on cable size requirements (test stand length: 1200mm, height: 60mm, total weight: 18 ± 1kg)
Metal ring inside diameter of about: 150 mm.
3, With a temperature measuring device (diameter less than 2mm K-type thermocouple, from the flame ports 75mm).
The front burner torch from the bottom of the box less than 200MM, 500MM and from the tank wall at least
According to the test grade, the flame temperature is adjustable: 600 ~ 1000 ° (A grade 650 °, B grade 750 °, C, D grade 950 °)
4, The horizontal distance between the center of the burner test cable 40-60MM, the vertical axis from the longitudinal axis of the specimen cable burner 100-120MM
5, Provide standards of five inner diameter of about 150 mm from metal rings, metal ring distance can be freely adjusted to facilitate sample fixed hold.
6, Stainless steel sample tray, load 30kg
Impact test :
1, Stainless steel impact structure;
2, Impact cone is a round steel bar diameter of 25mm and length 600mm.
3, Impact cone at 60-degree angles free fall,
4,  Motor-driven rods hammer shock action cycling.
5, Impact cycles is 30±2Sper time
6, Ribbon burners ( the same one with spray test) (used with fire-resistant combustion tester)
7, Test temperature 600~1000 ° (a grade 650 °, b grade 750 ° and c,d 950 ° )
8, The diameter of K-type  thermocouple is 2mm.

9, The circuit current of each phase is 0.25A.


Model FTech-IEC60331B
Size 1,600(W)×850(D)×1,650(H)mm
Control table 600(W)×750(D)×1,200(H)mm
Power AC 380V 3-phase, 50/60Hz, 30A
Weight 300kg
Exhaust Min 15M2/Min

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