Steiner Tunnel Chamber UL910,NFPA262,ASTM E84,UL723 FTech-UL910
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UL910,NFPA262,ASTM E84,UL723
1.The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel .The internal d mensions of the combustion chamber is 305mm x 451mm and long 7.6m with firebricks laying which has satisfactory insulation property.
2.All internal fixtures are stainless steel which is rust resistant and corrosion resistant.
3.A double-deck quartz glass observation window is used to observe the position of flame spreading.
4.The height of the combustion chamber is suitable for personnel to see the burning state ,sample installation adjustment .
5.The overall design of the combustion chamber cover is made of stainless steel and is equipped with heat-resistant and thermal insulation material.
6.Equipped with hoisting hook device.
7.The sample holder is equipped with cooling water circulation support bracket, which is resistant to high temperature.
8.Equipped with 304 stainless steel sealed sink.
9.Dual burnerdistance from air inlet is 1320mm.
10.The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel which is good looking and corrosion resistant.
Suspension Hardware
1.Two station lift at the same time. Computer control ensures smooth lifting.
2.Suspension Hardware can be moved up and down,left and right which is convenient for sample installation and commissioning.
3.Equipped with safety protection platform, convenient for sample installation and commissioning.
Combustion system
1.The 10kV spark igniter is equipped with a safety cease-fire device.The igniter is automatically positioned through the lever connected to the closing mechanism.
2.The combustion heat of the burner is automatically controlled by the gas flow system. The reading accuracy is 1%.
3.The heat output of the burner can be automatically controlled by computer. Equipped with Japanese mass flow controller.
4.Gas flow valve control system to avoid leakage caused by electromagnetic valve failure, resulting in explosion risk.
5.Frequency fan automatically controls wind speed inside the flue, fan power 3KW, voltage 380V
6.Gas pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve to control gas pressure accurately.
7.Imported gas flow control valve to control gas flow accurately
Test system
1.Smoke Density Test:smoke density is measured by incandescent light system.Color temperature 2900±100K;The current fluctuation range is + 0.5%;Linear output of smoke density value;With time compensation function.
2.The lens converts light into 20mm parallel beams; d/f < 0.04.
3.Detector:The spectral distribution corresponds to CIE;The accuracy of the chromatic standard function is + 5%;Thelinearity of output is less than 3% of transmittance or 1% of absolute transmittance.;The response time of system 90% is no more than 3S
4.The thermocouple is K type armored thermocouple, 0.5mm diameter; the temperature accuracy is 0.5 degrees.
5.Pressure sensor range 0~100pa; accuracy is + 2pad;The response time of pressure sensor 90% is 1s.
6.Environmental pressure accuracy of + 200Pa
7.System record time is at least 3S
8.System time recording accuracy 0.1s
9.Computer real-time display of smoke density generation curve
10.Option:The system is equipped with a camera system to observe the experimental process and record the characteristics of the burner residue after the implementation and combustion of the sample.
Smoke Density Test System
1.Light source: 0.5W helium neon laser imported from the USA
2.Photoelectric receiver imported from the USA:wavelength range 350-1100nm;Peak value corresponding: 0.65A/W;Maximum output current: 100mA;Gain control 70dB.
3.The Thorlabs filters (imported from the USA) to make smoke density testing more accurate.
4.Equipped with compensation photoelectric detection system, effectively preventing light source fluctuation interference.
Wind speed control system
Pipe exhaust capacity:
1.Delta inverter accurately controls flue gas velocity.
2.Smoke exhausting ability: Measurement of wind pressure and wind speed with pitot tube and imported micro pressure transmitter.
3.Differential pressure transmitter:Measurement range 0~2000pa; accuracy: + 1%FS;Hysteresis + 0.1%FS; maximum linear pressure 69Kpa;The response time of pressure sensor 90% is 1S.
4.Smoke exhaust capacity: 8000m³/H
5.The wind speed signal is automatically fed back to achieve automatic wind speed closed-loop control, with more stable wind speed and strong anti-interference ability.
Wind speed test of combustion chamber
1.Set the speed of the combustion chamber in the computer system, and monitor the wind speed in real time, then output the wind speed curve.
2.The speed range of the combustion chamber is 0~8m/s, and the wind speed measurement resolution is 0.001m/s
3.The detection range is 0 ~ 250Pa, the accuracy is ± 0.5Pa, and the system indication pressure test accuracy is ± 2Pa.
Temperature control collection
1.Equipped with 3 OMEGA K armored thermocouples to monitor the temperature change of the exhaust pipe, the accuracy is 0.1 C.
2.The parameters of the thermocouple:Less than 0.25mm wire diameter; temperature accuracy 0.1 degrees.
3.The temperature test range is 0 C ~1300 C.

Data acquisition and control system
1.Labview control system which is stable and reliable system;
Standard control cabinet, equipped with Dell computer, 19 "LCD display;
2.The system has 16 bits high precision data acquisition module.
3.System time recording accuracy 0.1s
4.Achieve real-time data monitoring and accurate recording;
5.The software interface and control panel interact to control the operation.
6.Real time display of system operation status; sound and light alarm under fault condition;
7.Control cabinet can connect printer and print report.
8.With Sound alarm and alarm display function.
9.The control cabinet can be connected with computer.
10.PLC control system with functions of automatic ignition, ignition failure detection and protection.
Model :FTech-UL910
Control Table: 600(W)×750(D)×1,600(H)mm
Power: AC 380V, 50/60hz, 30A
Weight :1,500kg
Operating Manual: Supplied

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