Electrical burner test machine ,NFP 92-503 FTech-NFP92-503
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This machine is used for French M Class fire testThrough the calibrated radiation furnace, the samples are radiated by heat, and the flame impact is applied at the same time. Then the combustion performance of the samples, such as the continuation of combustion, dropping and the damage length of the samples, is observed to judge whether the samples meet the requirements of the French M1 test.


NFP 92-503: Electrical burner test used for flexible materials thickness no more than 5mm. 

Technical parameter:
1.This tester consists of a control system, a heating device, a calibration device, a sample holder and a fan-shaped burner.
2. Electric control cabinet sheet metal spray painting treatment, which is beautiful.
3. The control system adopts PLC and touch screen to monitor the test process and results
4.A standard thermal radiation test furnace is adopted, with a ceramic protective cover on the outside and a spiral metal rod placed in the center, so that the airflow heating is fast, uniform and stable.
5.Entry the target temperature on touch screen, the PID control the heating temperature accurately. 
6.Calibration device: Copper plate calorimeter, made of copper plate with diameter of 30 mm and thickness of 5 mm. K-type thermocouple is installed in the center position.
7. Sliding track is installed at the bottom of the test device. The switch between test position and calibration position is fast and convenient, and the location is accurate.
 8.Calibration method: when the furnace is stabilized, move the heating device directly below the calorimeter and record the time when the temperature rises from 30 ºC to 80ºC for about 1 minute.
9.The sample holder is designed with 304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.
 10.Sample holder with turning device, with needle-shaped sample frame, easy to install the sample
11. After the sample installation is completed, the sample holder is turned over to the test position, the system automatically times, and the test begins.
12. During the test, the specimen is 30 mm away from the center of the upper mouth of the radiation furnace, and the angle inclines upward by 30 degrees.
 13.Burner for flame shock.
14. Imported rotor flowmeter, adjustment of flame height accurately.
 15.Equipped with flame gauge, it is convenient to detect the flame height. The flame height is 30mm.
16. The system is equipped with warning system, sound and light alarm mode prompts flame impact operation.
17.Dimension:1250*540*700mm  Packing Weight:about 60 kg
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