Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment,ASTMD6413 FTech-ASTMD6413
  • Product Introduction
ASTM D6413
Main features
1, Cabinet painted with transparent viewing window and the top is equipped with air flow stabilizer.
2, Cabinet dimension: length 330mm x width 330mm x height 762mm;
3, Electronic automatic ignition; ignition time can be set.
4, The imported burner is fixed to the sliding track.Automatic timing when pushed to the burning position.
5,The ignition time is 0-999.9s, which can be set freely. The continuous burning time and flame-retardant time are recorded automatically and displayed digital.
6, The flame height can be adjusted freely.
7,"Push-pull" sample holder;
8.Imported burner with inner diameter of 10 mm
9.The PLC + touch screen for control / testing / computing / data display.
10,Imported needle valves accurately control gas flow and adjust flame height
11.According to different test samples, different sample holders are available.
12.Imported pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve to regulate gas pressure.
13.Equipped with flame height ruler, 19 mm and 38 mm.
14.Dimension of sample holder:16.63inch x 3.0inch,sample exposure size: 14inch x 2inch.
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