Small Splashes of Molten Metal Testing Machine,ISO 9150,EN348 FTech-EN348
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This machine is designed to evaluate the behaviour of materials used for protective clothing when
such materials are struck by small liquid metal splashes, especially when molten steel particles are projected against the material.
It applies to any pliable material, or assembly of materials, designed to protect workers against small splashes of molten metal.
AQ 6103
ISO 9150:1988
CSN EN 348:1992
GB 8965.2:2009,GB/T 17599:1998
1、The instrument consists of burner, sample frame, welding bar drive device, burner flow controller, computer display device, etc;
2、All tooling are made of stainless steel, beautiful and corrosion-resistant
3、The end of a steel rod is melted in the flame of an oxyacetylene welding-torch with orifice diameter
1,2 mm士0,1 mm.
4、The motor automatically controls the metal strip and can set the falling speed of the metal strip
5、Melting drop guide mechanism, made of stainless steel, with high temperature anti sticking guide groove.Incline the drop guide at an angle of 45
6、Fabric temperature sensor module, used to monitor the raise of the temperature of the sensor behind the test specimen.
7、Use counterweights of 175 g土5g on both sides of the test specimen or, alternatively, fix one end of the test specimen in a clamp and attach a 175 g士5 g counterweight to the other.
8、The temperature rise data can be recorded automatically, and the number of melting drops can be recorded by people.
9、Computer + LabVIEW intelligent control system.
10、Automatically generate temperature curve and test report.

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