Flame Spread Test Machine, BS 476 part 7 FTech-BS476-7
  • Product Introduction
This tester is designed according to BS476-7:method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products.
The test method is to measure the critical radiation flux by igniting the sample with small flame by gradually changing the radiation heat energy.The size of the radiant panel is 850mm X 850mm, and the sample holder is cooled by water.Equipped with porous calibration plate and thermal radiation flux sensor, calibration of thermal radiation flux curve can be carried out.This teater has higher requirements for the laboratory, and users need more safety precautions before they install the testing instrument.
Standards:BS 476 part 7
Main Features:
  1. The area of the radiant panel is 850mm X 850mm, and the structural support frame is strengthened.
  2. The sample holder is perpendicular to the radiation plate, and the critical heat flux can be calculated according to the flame propagation distance.
  3. Equipped with water cooling cycle device, the sample holder can be cooled to avoid damage caused by long-term high temperature.
  4. Equipped with small flame ignition device, using spark ignition.
  5. The radiant panel is equipped with a high temperature detection device. If the radiation plate is extinguished, the gas source can be automatically cut off.
  6. Equipped with water cooled heat radiation flux sensor, the results can be traced back to the US NIST
  7. Equipped with electrical control cabinet, it can adjust the flow of gas and air, and display the number of heat radiation flux.
  8. Equipped with PLC to display the information required for testing
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