Vertical Burning Rate Tester,ECE R118 ANNEX 8 FTech-ECE R118-8
  • Product Introduction

ModelFTech-ECE R118-8

Standard: ECE R118 Annex 8


1、Cabinet painted with transparent viewing window;
2The combustion chamber dimensions: length 1000 mm x width 680 mm x height 1000 mm;
3Electronic automatic ignition;

4、 The ignition time set arbitrary 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, continued burning time and flame time are automatically recorded, digital display;

5、The flame height 10mm to 120mm,adjustable.With flame temperature measuring device.

6、The burner is fixed on the sliding track, which is convenient for operation. Automatically timing when pushed to the burning position.

7、Equipped with imported needle valve to accurately control gas flow and adjust flame height.

8、Equipped with imported burner; more stable flame heat release.

9、Import pressure gauges and pressure regulating valves to regulate gas pressure;

10、PLC + touch screen intelligent control system mkes the test process more convenient and simple.

11、Automatic ignition, automatic timing, automatic storage of test data;

12、Automatic recording of combustion time, automatic calculation and storage of combustion rate.

13、When three sets of reticule are burnt out, the weights will fall off automatically and the time will be counted automatically.

14、Option: Thermal anemometer.

15、Option:The thermal printer can print the test report on the screen at any time.

16、Option:The gas detection and control system has the functions of detection of gas leakage, audible and visual alarm and automatic cut-off of gas source. It can carry out real-time gas monitoring on the combustion test manifold equipment and test site to effectively guarantee the safety of equipment and people.

1Automatic timing: 0-999.99 seconds arbitrary setting

2、After flame time and flame retardant time timer: 0-9999.99 s, accuracy: ±0.1 s
3Flame height ruler: 40mm

4.Gas supplyMixture of propane and butane, or butane.
5Weightabout 60kg,dimension:1200(L)*600(W)*1300(H)

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