Building products ignitability Apparatus,ISO 5657 FTech-ISO 5657
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This apparatus is manufactured to conform to ISO 5657.The Apparatus has been designed,principally for testing building materials and composites, but it is capable of testing any sample of size 165mm × 165mm and up to a maximum of 70mm thick. The Apparatus measures 
the ignition characteristics of exposed surfaces of essentially flat materials and specimens.
ISO 5657
GB/T 14523
Model:  FTech-ISO 5657
1.The radiation cone is made of 304 stainless steel;
2.All internal fixtures are made of stainless steel;
3.The specimen support frame: thickness 1.5mm,
4.The calibration board is made of ceramic fibre of density (200土50)kg/m3, with sides measuring 165 mm and of thickness not less than 20 mm.
5.The rated power of the conical heater is 3000W, the heat output is 0-70kw / m2, and the resolution is 0.5kw/m2;
6.Thermocouple has automatic cold node compensation.
7.The Medtherm heat flux meter imported from the USA  with a water cooling system. Accuracy ± 3%, reproducibility deviation 0.5%;
8. Ignition device: automatic ignition.
9.Imported gas flowmeter, control of gas flow precisely
10.Install filter in propane gas path; prevent pollution test gas path system;
11.Equipped with check valve to prevent danger;
12.PLC&touch screen automatic control system;
13.Temperature monitor 0 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃; control heater temperature resolution ± 2 ℃;
14.Nominal range of balance 5000g, accuracy 0.1g;
15.The test data is automatically recorded and automatically saved;
16.The exaust hood is optional.
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