Building Material Radiant Panel Test Machine,AS/NZS 1530.3 FTech-AS1530.3
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed according to AS/NZS 1530.3;
The device via a gas radiant plate to heat samples and with heat flow meter to calibration; Test samples were placed in a vertical position, near the radiation plate, exposed in a clear area calibrated radiation flux. Close to the pilot flame is assembled with test sample, but not in contact with the test sample.
After ignition, to record the ignition time, flame propagation time, heat release integral, Smoke Release etc.
AS/NZS 1530.3
1,All structural components are made of stainless steel, nice appearance, corrosion resistance;
2,Sample fixture could be movable to adjust the distance to radiant panel.
3,Ignition sources: radiation plate and two pilot flame burners;
4,One pilot flame burner is fixed before the sample at 15mm
from front face of sample and 50mm above the centre of the samples. And the other burner could be moved before the sample.
5,Flame height is controlled by imported flow control meter.
6 , Samples  size: 710mm x610mm;
7,Stainless steel hood and flue to collect the smoke of speciments. Hood size: 1140mm x1140mm;smoke tube is
8 , Radiant    panel    size:     300mm     x300mm;     With     porous     fire-brick     surface.
9,Radiation plate temperature probe: prevent flames turned the heat radiating plate rear side;
10, Precise gas and air flow control to realized the radiant panel heat adjustment.
11, Provide Heat flux senor fixture to calibrate the radiation level according to standard request 2.4kw/;
12, Two shield could be removed as standard request.
13, 19 "rack to measure the flame spread rate analysis, critical flow, heat release rate
14, Provide an exhaust fan.
Optical system
1, The optical system comprising a light source color temperature is 2900 ± 100 K incandescent, light receiving silicon photodiode with an optical path test shutter, 0% and 100%, to facilitate the use of calibration;
2, Imported light battery module measuring light attenuation. The system automatically calculates and generates a light transmittance curve translucent; printable Scribble
3, One button automatic and five level (0,25%,50%,75%,100%)calibration system by computer.
Test System
1, The United States imported Metherm thermopile type heat flow meter - Design range 0 ^ 10k W / m², the accuracy of heat flow meter is ± 3%, repeatability is ± 0.5%.
2, Gas supply: with a valve, zero-pressure valve, tempering valves, solenoid valves and a mixer, the mixed air and fuel gas supplied to the radiation plate.
3, All radiant panel combustion control system safety explosion-proof, check valve, cut off the gas solenoid valve prevents the gas reflux
4 ,   The    camera    can     observe     a     situation     and     save     the     test     program     (Optional)
5, Data acquisition system can store the data of ignition time, flame propagation time, heat release integral,
smoke release etc.
6 ,  Radiation  plate  burner  system   is  fully  automated,   with  spark   ignition   and  safety  protect  system;
  7 ,     Labview       control       system,       user-friendly,       easy       to       operate,       precise       control;   
8, Signal acquisition and processing module and the air volume control module circuit linked by a programmable
logic   controller;
9 , 10kV spark ignition, with safety cease-fire devices.                              
10, Automatic ignition system; Automatic timing; Expire automatically turn off;
11 ,  Window  +  Labview   system   to   realize   automatic   test   systerm
12, Equipped with audible alarm and alarm display functions accidents.
13, The control box USB / RS232 serial port, external desktop / notebook computer operation control, free to
print the test report.
14, Automatic smoke density calibration system.
Pover:AC220V±10% , 50Hz;5KW;
Size:Test stand(Length1.4× width1.0× High2.2 )m;Control box: 600(W)×750(D)×1600(H)mm
Remarks: As the standard request hood and flue about 3270mm high and above ground 4000mm; So customer will be responsible for the hood and flue assemble based on TESTech's engineering instruction to save customer's cost.
Testech will provide the flue length according to standard request 3270mm and one separate exhaust fan for system control. And customer will be responsible for the additional flue material and install.
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