Photovoltaic Flammability Test Apparatus,ISO 11925-2:2010,IEC61730-2 FTech-IEC61730-2F
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This tester is suitable for measuring the flammability of the building products with a small flame directly impact the vertica samplel without external radiation.

The combustion box, the sample tooling and the smoke exhaust system are custom-designed according to the size of the test sample.The maximum size of  the sample is 1 meter wide and 2.2 meters high.The sample can be put in the front of the instrument.



ISO 11925-22010,IEC61730-22016


1.The sample holder is adjustable to ensure the vertical placement of  the sample.

2.Built-in explosion-proof lamp(explosion-proof grade C , LED light)

3.Exhausting blower.

4.The air inlet of the box is equipped with a manual wind valve.

5.The combustion box and the control box need to use a interlayer with a thickness of 1cm to ensure that the high temperature in the combustion chamber does not affect the control box.

6.The combustion box is equipped with two temperature sensors.One temperature sensor is placed near the air outlet, and the other sensor is flexible.When the temperature of the sensor exceeds the set temperature, the shut-off valve is closed and the gas is cut off.The sensor is easy to replace.Temperature range: 25~100 .Temperature deviation < 2 .

7.A small box which is hang on the wall is placed outside the room for placing a gas junction.

8.Test section is equipped with wind pipe,including wind speed measurement, temperature measurement.


1.The cabinet which is painted looks more beautiful.

2.Size: 2050(L)×1000(W)×3000(H)mm; Gate size 1400mm*2600mm; Cabinet thickness: 2mm;

3.The test sample is put in the front door. The sample is easy to install.

4.The burner can be lifted to 1.1 meters.

5.The maximum size of the sample is 1200mm*2200mm.Sample tooling can be used to adjust the sample with different sizes; the thickness of the sample is 0~100mm;

6.Surface ignition positionAFrom the bottom 40mm.B:The edge of the bottom:1.5mm from the front surface of the bottom of the sample.C:Adhesive site of side edge combustion of sample.D:The side of the sample.

7.The ignition time is 15s and can be set freely.

8.Built-in stainless steel reinforced specimen fixed tooling.The gap is reserved at the bottom of the tooling, which is used for flame ignition and the gap distance is 300~800mm, and can be adjusted.

9.The burner can be moved horizontally and vertically to adjust the distance from flame to sample .(The test sample is heavy, moving burner to adjust the combustion position, which can make the test convenient and labor-saving.)

10.The burner can rotate .

11.An anemometer bracket is equipped in the combustion box which can adjust the position arbitrarily.An anemometer placement grooves is also equipped.

12.The control box is divided into an independent gas control box and an electric control box. Prevent the danger from happening.Prevent the occurrence of danger.

13.The control box and the combustion box are equipped with gas leakage alarm,

14.Built-in explosion-proof lamp.

15.The internal diameter of the imported burner is 0.17mm, and there are 4 Φ4 mm air conditioning holes.

16.Imported gas flow control valve can control of flame height of 20mm + 1mm accurately;

 17.Japan SMC pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve can control of gas pressure accurately.

18.The air outlet is equipped with detachable accessories to facilitate the replacement of different pipe diameter pipes in the future.

19.The wind speed of the exhaust fan is adjustable, and the wind speed in the middle position of the wind pipe is 0 m/s ~1.0 m/s adjustable.The wind pipe center is equipped with a wind speed measuring device, with a measuring precision of + 0.1m/s.

20.Wind speed at the position of 5cm at the surface of the specimen:vertical direction<0.2m/s, direction <0.1m/s.

21.The flame height is adjustable and the flame is automatic ignition.

22.The flame time can be set freely, The program acquiesced the ignition time of the IEC61730-2 standard request.

23.Tempered glass doors are easy to observe the test.

24.All internal tooling is made of stainless steel which is beautiful and anticorrosion.

25.High automation and easy to operate.

Control System

1. PLC and touch screen control system

2.Automatic ignition, Automatic timing

3.6 sample experimental data preservation

4.The test report can be copied through USB

5.It can monitor the experimental data in real time, query the experimental data of 6 samples and inquire the content of the alarm

6.Experiment abnormal sound alarm.

7.The wind speed of exhaust blower is adjustable .

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