Resistance to flame propagation tester,ECE R118 Annex 10 FTech-ECE R118-10
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This equipment is designed and manufactured according to ECE R118 Annex 10. This model is intelligent, with PLC and touch screen intelligent control; program time is set freely, system automatically controls ignition time and automatically records test time, flameout time, etc.; test data system is automatically saved and accessible at any time;

ModelFTech-ECE R118-10


ECE R118 Annex 10


1.1. Chamber size: 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 1300mm high; To ensure sufficient air supply for the test;

1.2. The test part and control part are integrated design, which is convenient for installation and commissioning

1.3 large glass observation window, beautiful and easy to observe the combustion state of the sample;

1.4 Ergonomic design, easy to touch the sample, burner pull rod is easy to operate

1.5. Stainless steel wire sample clamp;

Burner and gas control

2.1. Burner angle can be adjusted conveniently at 0 and 45 degrees;

2.2. The burner is imported from the United States, with cylinder length of 100 mm ± 10 mm and inner diameter of 9.5 mm ± 0.3 mm;

2.3. The burner itself can adjust the air intake;

2.4. Imported flowmeter and precision needle valve to precisely control gas flow.

2.5. Imported high-precision pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge 0 ~ 0.4MPa;

2.6. Accurately control the height of blue cone  50mm ± 2mm; total height 100mm;

Control system

3.1. 7 "touch screen +PLC to realize control / detection / calculation / data display

3.2. Electronic automatic ignition.

3.3. Automatic recording and storage of burning time

3.4 The automatic timer can record the test time and store it in the system, and the report can be inquired;

3.5.Tthe test time system automatically records and generates the test report;

3.6 test time and heating time can be set on the touch screen. Meet the requirements of various test standards;

3.7Independent cable fire test procedure.

3.8Exhaust fan is equipped at the top ,when the test is finished,it will exhaust the gas generated during test.

Note: customer prepare exhaust pipe and gas.


4.1. 304 stainless steel flame height gauge;

4.2. One set of stainless steel sample holder;

4.3. Accuracy 0.5mm, stainless steel ruler;

4.5 Manual;

4.6 Certificate of quality;

4.7. Plywood case;


5.1Power supply:220V50/60Hz

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