Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test Machine (BFE) FTech-0469
  • Product Introduction


YY0469-2004,YY/T 0969-2013,ASTMF2100,ASTMF2101,EN14683 ect.


1.1Standard test cabinet, touch screen + PLC system is easy to operate.

1.2The sampler is Anderson level 6 sampler.

1.3The chamber is made of quartz glass with a length of 600mm and a diameter of 80mm

1.4The sprayer is made of quartz glass which is corrosion-resistant.

1.5The vacuum pump: pumping flow 57L/Min.

1.6The test tube holder is made of stainless steel, durable, humanized design, easy to use;

1.7Add fixed tooling on the base of the sampler to prevent the sampler from sliding

1.8The test cabinet is equipped with exhaust device to keep the negative pressure all the time.

1.9The door of the test chamber is equipped with large observation window and operation gloves, so as to observe during the test and operate the test.

Exhaust System

2.1It is composed of filter, axial flow fan, stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe, smoke hood and frequency converter;

2.2The smoke exhaust pipe and hood are made of stainless steel, extending the service life

2.3The smoke exhaust air speed is controlled by PLC + frequency converter to realize stepless adjustment of air speed

2.4The frequency converter is Taiwan delta frequency converter, which makes the wind speed regulation more convenient and accurate;

2.5Equipped with the micro differential pressure sensor imported from the United States, measuring range: 0 ~ 500pa, accuracy: ± 1.0% FS; hysteresis: ± 0.1% FS; non repeatability ± 0.05% FS;

Spray system

4.1It includes oil-water separator, mass flow controller, peristaltic pump and sprayer.

4.2Oil water separator: separate water vapor in compressed air;

4.3Mass flow controller: control jet flow, flow accuracy 2%;

4.4Peristaltic pump: control spray flow

4.5Sprayer: spray device.

Sampling system

4.1The range of micro differential pressure sensor imported from the United States: 0 ~ 5000Pa, accuracy: ± 1.0% FS; hysteresis: ± 0.1% FS; non repeatability ± 0.05% FS, constantly monitoring the air mist chamber and sampling pressure;

4.2Mass flow controller: control the pumping flow of vacuum pump, flow accuracy 2%;

4.3The vacuum pump: pumping flow 57L/Min.

4.4The filter filters the sampling system twice to make the test result more accurate.

Operation syatem

5.1Touch screen + PLC control system, friendly interface, easy to operate.

5.2The spray flow can be automatically set and fed back on the touch screen to achieve automatic control.

5.3The spray flow of peristaltic pump can be set automatically on the touch screen, and the flow can be calibrated to make the spray flow more accurate;

5.4The sampling flow can be automatically set and fed back on the touch screen to achieve accurate flow control

5.5During the signal acquisition and processing module, data such as pressure in the box, pressure of the spray chamber, spray flow, sampling flow and sampling pressure were collected and displayed in real time.

5.6If the data is abnormal during the test, the software will automatically pop up the data abnormal alarm information and automatically record it for easy viewing

5.7 Test data can be set by parameter setting,test datecan be saved ,viewed and exported;

5.8Touch screen operation software, friendly interface, powerful data interaction function, more suitabfor scientific research and analysis;

5.9Cleaning function: one button operation, and pop up the corresponding prompt dialog box, simple and convenient

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