Resistance of Materials to Molten Metal Splash, ISO 9185 Ftech- ISO 9185
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The tester is according to theISO9185-2007 .This International Standard specifies a method for assessing the heat penetration resistance of materials intended for use in clothing to protect against large splashes of molten metal. It provides specific procedures for assessing the effects of splashes of molten aluminium, molten cryolite, molten copper, molten iron and molten mild steel.



Technical parameters

1. The equipment is composed of a control cabinet, a test stand and a crucible;

2. Crucible, height 97mm, top diameter 80mm, bottom diameter 56mm, capacity 190ml;

3. Thermocouple, temperature range 0-1800 ℃,

4. The test stand is equipped with an automatic turning device, and the turning speed and angle are controlled by a stepping motor;

5. The mounting angle of the sample can be adjusted;

6. Equipped with adjustment device and ruler, it is convenient and accurate to adjust the dumping height;

7. Equipped with clamp, easy to grab, move and install crucible;

8. The bottom of the test stand is equipped with a splashing metal collecting device;

9. High frequency metal smelting furnace (optional), the smelting temperature can reach 1800 ~ 2000 ℃;

10. The smelting furnace adopts the new technology of high frequency induction heating;

11. Imported IGBT power controller;

12. The equipment control system is automatically controlled by PLC;

13. The interface adopts 7-inch touch screen, which is simple and easy to use.

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