AS1530.2 Test for Flammability of Materials FTech-AS1530.2
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This tester is developed base on the standard AS1530.2, test for flammability of materials. The method is applied to the testing of a thin sheet or woven material which is sufficiently pliable to be inserted into the test apparatus by hand without special softening treatment, so that it may be graded according to a flammability index.
Model: FTech-AS1530-2
AS1530.2  Test for flammability of materials.


  1. Two parallel brass rails, light gauge angle section which is  formed in length to be slightly convex, with location pin;
  2. All other frames made of stainless steel material;
  3. A 533.4mm scaler is fixed to one side of the mounting frame, with 21 equally space and 25.4mm apart;
  4. Two stainless steel wire alone location pin with lightly tension to a held specimen in position;
  5. Ignition copper trough, with an internal dimension of 20mmx10mmx3mm, with brass support, height-adjustable.
  6. Stainless steel flue and hood;
  7. 4 thermocouple, type K, positioned symmetrically within the flue, 570mm above the test specimen;
  8. 1 thermocouple, type K, positioned in the control box, monitor ambient temperature;
  9. Labview software with DAQ module for temperature record and the Area (A) calculation;

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