Single Burning Item (SBI),En 13823 FTech-EN13823
  • Product Introduction
Single burning instrument (SBI) was measured supplies (excluding floorings) performance at a single burning heat invasion conditions. Samples were placed inside the sliding flame (methane combustion sandbox boxes), under the exhaust pipe. Sample combustion reaction condition to accept dual monitor machine and visually. Heat and smoke release rate assessment instruments detect objects by observing performance.
The sample is placed on a movable cart located under the exhaust system, and the combustion reaction of the sample can be automatically displayed and visible. By calculating the heat release rate (HRR), smoke release rate (SRR) to evaluate the combustion characteristics of the material, and other physical properties evaluated by visual observation. SBI measurement range, the fire growth rate index (FIGRA) is the most representative measure factors; in addition, there are factors measuring oxygen consumption representative, CO/CO2 generation amount, smoke growth rate index (SMOGRA) and so on. Maximum heat release rate can reach 1MW.

• BS EN 13823: A single burning instrument (SBI) Determination of building materials in the single burning heat invasion status
Main Feature:
1, Ergonomics design for structural design and control system.;
2, the test system has a combustion chamber, a small cart, exhaust pipes, gas supply systems, control systems and data processing system;
3, Combustion chamber dimensions: 3m X 3m X 2.4 m, Chamber wall is made ofheat resistantcalcium silicate plate andsteeless.
Ignition System
• 10kV spark ignition, a cease-fire system for safety. Ignition automatically is positioned by a mechanism fixture.
• Import mass flowmetercontrolthe gas flow.
•Systemhasflamealarm device for safe and reliable.
Gas sampling system
• Include particulate filter, cold traps, suction pump, drying cylinder, flow controllers
Measurement System
• Imported paramagnetic oxygen analyzer,o2measurement range of 0-25%, linearity deviation <1%.
• Imported Infrared CO2 analyzer co2; measuring range: 0-2 / 10%, linearity deviation: <± 1%.
• Measurement of smoke density with the laser system.
Computer Control System
• Computer Labview control system to Control parameter setting and display; test status and fault display, query.
• The data acquisition and preservation; picture monitoring, real-time temperature curve, real-time CO2 / O2 data curve display; the historical trend and data query;
• Data USB export. Historical curve and data query, print;
• Sound alarm and alarm display functions accidents.
• ControlhaveUSB / RS232 serial port on the box, you can add adesktop / laptopoperating control.
• Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control system:
Automatic ignition, ignition failure detectionandprotection.
Propane gas flow automatic control and display.
PLC + inverter implement automatic control and exhaust gas flow rate display.
Automatic measurement and calculation of combustion of materials: heat release rate (HRR), smoke growth index (SPR), oxygen consumption (O2), CO2 generation amount.
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