Burning Behaviour of Bunched Cables,EN 50399 FTechEN 50399
  • Product Introduction

This Tester is designed accordance with the relevant provisions of UL1685,GB18380.3 standard about wire and cable burning test requirements. And meet with IEC 60332-3-10, KS C IEC 60332-3-21 ~ 25 (A ~ Class D) standards.

This is an equipment which used to test the vertical installation of a bunched cable or optical cable to suppress the flame vertical spreading under the specified conditions, is the necessary equipment for power cables, control cables and fiber optic cable bundle burning test.In addition,if the tester burner adjust of 20 degrees,it can be achieved by IEEE 383 (IEEE 1202) testing standards.This tester can be equipped with heat release instrument configure port, with the gas analyzer can measure the thermal power values such as HRR (heat release rate), SPR (smoke generation rate) and so on.
User's Experience:
1, This tester designed with high intelligence and easy to operate;
2, With professional industrial design, beautiful appearance and reasonable layout;
3, This equipment is precision, security, and stability;
4, With microcomputer control system, intelligent testing process,no need to manually time.
5, Orrosion-resistant stainless steel test cabinet;
• UL1685
• IEC 60332-3-10

• EN 50399

•EN 50266-2-4

• EN 50305

Main Features:
1, The dimension of the stainless steel test box is 1,000±100(W)x2,000±100(D)x4,000±100(H)mm. Interior surface of the case is higher than the ground, and the rear side covered with insulation material;
2, Equiped with a stainless steel ladder, in accordance with the requirements of GB/T18380.31;
3, 2 spare sample holder;
4, Ladders are made of stainless steel,corrosion resistant and easy to clean;
5,In the lower part of the cabinet, there is an air inlet which dimension is 800±20(W)×400±10(D) , at the position of 150+10mm in the front of the box.
6, There is mounted a dia 2mm K type thermocouples inside of the test box;
7.The top of the chamber is equipped with anemometer; monitoring the wind speed outside the chamber.(Option)
8.There is an vent 300±30 (W) ×1,000±100 (D) on the top of the chamber,which is convenient for flue gas removal during the test process, and the wind speed is  at 10m/s (adjustable).
9.Equipped with a standard electrical control cabinet;
10.Stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe and related accessories.

Combustion Systems:
1、The burner: Belt type propane gas burner size of 257mm × 4.5mm, and opening a total of 242 holes, which arranged in 3 lines of 81,80,81, the diameter of the hole is 1.35mm, the distance between the holes is 3.2 mm;
2, Equiped with high-precision ball valve to control the gas off;
3, Two flowmeters: air flowmeter and gas flowmeter and control valve;
4, The front of the combustion tester is provided with a flame stop tube to prevent the propane gas from tempering, thereby ensuring the maximum safety of the sample.
5, Combustion angle: horizontal; automatic ignition device; (20 degrees adjustable is optional)
6.The flame temperature of the strip burner can reach 1100 ℃.
7.Gas and air compensation can be automatically completed by computer program
8.Real-time temperature monitoring in the chamber; equipped with high temperature alarm and automatic control of gas shutdown

Control systems:
1.PLC with large touch-screen control system;
2, This tester can automatic ignition and automatic timing, timing range of 999min and precision 1s;
3, Experimental data is automatically stored, free inquiry;
4, With 40 minutes and 1 hour timing reminder function;
5.Emergency Cut-off Device
6.Standard parameters can be queried on the screen

Apparatus parameters:
1、The size of the test box is 1,000±100(W)x2,000±100(D)x4,000±100(H) mm;
2.Dia 2mm K type thermocouples inside.
3.Adiabatic coefficient of the chamber is 0.7W/m2K.
4.Gas: 95% purity propane (customer-owned)
5.Gas control flow: 100 kpa, air velocity at 20 ℃:(77.7±4.8)L/min;propane(13.5±0.5)L/min;


1.Smoke processing device:acidproof, anticorrosive, multi-stage dust removal device;Equipped with relevant accessories such as pumps and fans

2.Double Burner Structure

Chamber 1,400(W)×2,400(D)×4,800(H)mm
Control cabinet 600(W)×600(D)×1,700(H)mm
Power AC380V, 50/60hz, 15A
Weight 1,500kg
Other requirements:Propane gas, compressed gas, computer, water (optional), vacuum cleaner

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