Room Corner Test ISO 9705, EN 14390; ASTM D5424; ASTM D5537; ASTM E603; ASTM E1537; ASTM E1590; ASTM E1822; NFPA 265; UL 1685; NT FIRE 25; NT FIRE 32 FTech-ISO 9705
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According to ISO9705 of building materials fire prevention performance standards, this machine control platform to provide independent gas analysis, including heat release rate and other related test required for related instruments, such as paramagnetic oxygen sensor, CO2/CO measuring instrument, He-Ni laser smoke density measurement and control system, etc.

Entity room fire test methods forsurfaceof the article use the same principle with the cone calorimeter and SBI testmethod  thatis based on the oxygen consumption. The method is to simulate the corner of the fire scene as a standard testconditions, and installation of a test sample entirely according to actual use, the test results apply only to specific sample installation, it is one of the most reliable standard test methods. In the corner fire test, in accordance with the requirements of ISO9705, and the measured material mounted on the inner walls of the room (at the top is not installed), Using propane burners as a radiation source, the measurement of heat release rate, temperature, heat release, flashover time, CO2 /CO and other parameters, for which the most important is the heat release rate and the flashover time.
Model: FTech-ISO9705

• ISO 9705: LargeBOXtest surface of the product
• ISO 13784-1: plywood building systems Reaction to fire test
• ASTM E 1537: Standard upholstered furniture flame test method
• ASTM E 603: Standard guidance corner combustion experiments
Main Features:
1, The test room is built by the density of 700kg / m³-A1 class fireproof material.
2, The internal dimensions of the room 3.6M X 2.4M X 2.4M
3, The gate size: 0.8M (W) X2.0M (H)
4, Sandbox burner with propane gas and equipped with emergency shut-off devices.
5, Automatic ignition system to automatically record experimental data;
6, Independently movabletimetto display units.
7, 10kV spark ignition, a cease-fire with safety devices. Fire extinguishing drainage system design.
9, Equipped withstaircasefor easy maintenance exhaust pipes.
Gas sampling and analysis system
1, Gas sampling system includes an annular sampler probe, suction pump, particulate filter, a cold trap, exhaust valve, water filters and CO2 filter.
2, Three filters; Minimum filtration accuracy is 0.5um.
3, Freezing cold trap; air-conditioning compressor refrigeration systems; controlling the temperature in 0 ~ 5ºC.
4, Suction pump,Flowrate is 33L/min,vacuumis 700mmHg, and pressure is 2.5 bar.
5, Drying cylinder, whichfilterthe water and impurities.
6, The flow controller to control the inspiratoryair flow.
7, The sampler has 12 holes and gas flow in the opposite direction, these holds built-in dust filter and 685mm from hoods.
8, Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, the range is 0-25%; linear response; imports Britain Servomex oxygen sensor.
Smoke system
1, 0.5W HE-NE laser source.
2, Thorlabs optically detector.
3,Motor driven5 class automatically calibration device with of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% transmittance filters.
4,One touchcalibration system in software with digital and curve display.
DAQ System
1, 16bit data acquisition module.
2, Digital communication between computer and DAQ module.
3, Labview based application software on DAQ and data analysis.
Operating systems
1, Labview based application system,easilyand precise to operate and control.
2, Test status, calibration status display onscreen.
3, Device statusaredisplayed on screen and indicators onpanel.
4, Transducers data, process parameters, test result displayed onscreenvia digital and curve.
5, Test and calibration procedure auto executed byPLCprogram.
6, Device can be controlled via bothapplicationscreen and control panel.
7, PC and PLC communicate withdigitalprotocol which is safe and robust.
Technical parameters
1,Paramagn eticoxygen analyzer, the concentration range is 0~25%, an oxygen analyzer islinearresponse, Britain Servomex oxygen sensor; 10% to 90% response time of less than 12s; output noise does not exceed 50ppm;.Reproduce the measured values lower than 100ppm,
2, Infrared CO2 analyzer range: 0 to 10%;accuracyof ± 0.01%;
3, The compressor works: cold trap: 0 to 5 degrees;
4, Import diaphragm pump, flow rate: 33 l / min
5, The standard detector color accuracy ± 5%, output linearity (transmission) <1%, absolute permeability <1%;
Test data:
1, Heat Release Rate (HRR),
2, Total Heat Release (THR),
3, Efficiency Heat Release (EHR),
4, Smoke Production Rate (SPR),
5, Time to Ignite (TTI),
6, Time to flameout,
7, Oxygen Consumption Rate,
8, CO2 Production Rate,
9, CO Production Rate(optional)
Model FTech-ISO9705
Size 11,725(W)x4,000(D)x4,750(H)mm
Console Size 600(W)×750(D)×1800(H)mm
Power supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A (control), AC 380V, 60Hz, 50A(drive)
Weight About 7,500kg(Cabinet), 130kg(Control panel)
Instructions Provided
Exhaust Minimum 3.5m2/s(Measuring), Minimum300m2/min(Exhaust)
Other requirements CO(0.8%)/CO2(8%), Compressed gas, Vacuum cleaners, Computers, Propane gas, Heptane gas, Nitrogen
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