Non-Combustibility Apparatus EN ISO 1182; IMO FTPC Part 1; ASTM E2652 FTech-ISO 1182
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed andmanfactureaccording to ISO1182 .Furnace temperature can quickly reach temperature equilibrium into the test program; temperature curve can print free.
ISO 1182: building products --- incombustible fire reaction test 
BS 476-4 & 11
ASTM E 136
Main Features:
1, Intelligent test system with Patent design;
2, Stainless steel burner, beautiful and easy to clean;
3, The heating furnace size: Φ95 mm × Φ75 mm × 150 mm;
4, 3 mm × 0.2 m Ni 80% Cr 20% resistance band;
5, Air cover: Φ75 mm × 500 mm;
6, Thermocouple: insulated nickel-chromium - nickel - aluminum armored Φ1.5 mm ;
7, Equipment with the power controller;
8, The temperature balanced time at 750ºC  is about 35min~40min;
9, Thermometers range: 0 ~ 1000 ºC ± 5%;
10, Equipped withmirrorto see theinteralof the furnace.
Control System:
1, High degree of automation, test procedure safe and reliable, easy to operate;
2, To use of high-quality strip heater,furnacetemperature was raised to 900 ºC;
3, PLC control system + SSR temperature control system extending the life of furnace:
4,PLCoutput signal to control the heating voltage is 0-110VAC. Eliminate the influence of voltage fluctuation on temperature.
5, Temperature control: 750ºC±2ºC;Resolution:0.1ºC;
6, The sampleis moveup-down into the furnace automatically bymotor.
7, 7 "touch screenfor control parameter setting anddisplay / testdata acquisition andpreservation / screenmonitoring / real-time temperature curve shows / historical curve and data query;
8, With an audible alarm and alarm display functions accidents.
9, To equipped withprinter, to print the temperature curve.
Model FTech-ISO1182
Size 500mm x 500mm x 1500mm
Power 220V, 50Hz, 1500W
Weight 50kg
Manual Provided
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