Motor Accessories Combustion Chamber,FMVSS 302; ISO 3795; ASTM D5132-04 FTech-FMVSS 302
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed according to ISO3795 standards and relevant clauses. Apply to identify vehicles (cars, multipurpose passenger car, truck and bus) interior material horizontal burning test. A high degree of automation control system with automatic ignition. Temperature and time digital display, easy observation and records; stable and reliable to use.
Model: FTech-ISO3795
• FMVSS 302 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302• ISO 3795Other relevant standards:
SAE J369: 2003 --- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
HES D6003-99 --- Honda Motor
NES M0094: 2003 --- Nissan;
ES-X60410: 2001 ---- Mitsubishi Motors
TRANS / WP29 / 78 / Rev.1: 1997 Appendix 4 ---- EU
TL 1010: 1997 --- Volkswagen;
GS 97038-2003 ---- BMW;
GM 9070P: 1996 --- General Motors
1, Advanced industrial appearance and control design;
2, Model 304 Stainless steel structure housing; bottom ventilation hole spacing: horizontal 63.5mm, longitudinal 127mm.
3, The number of ventilation holes: 10, diameter 19mm.
4, an inner diameter of the burner Φ9.5mm. Blowtorch top center at the free end of the specimen from 19mm
6, Record time can be adjusted within the range of 0 to 9999 seconds.
7, Equipped with: stainless steel sample holder and sample templates;
8,Combustionchamber is assembled steel ruler; precision: 1mm; combustion length can be easily read; Do not remove the sample to measurement burn length;
9, The imported Bunsen burner from USA Humboldt, combustion flame higher precision, adjustment range 20mm ~ 100mm.
10, The flame measuring device; flame height 38mm
11, A high degree of test automation, test data accurate, easy to operate
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) + touch screen plus automatic control system
1, Automatic timing, automatic ignition, ignition abnormal protection;
2,6 sample test data is saved;
3, Monitoring the experimental data, query six samples of experimental data, query alarm contents.
Model FTech-ISO3795
Size 200(W)×381(D)×356(H)mm
Power AC 220V , 50/60Hz, 10A
Weight About 50kg
Instructions Supplied
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