Large Scale Vertical Fire Resistance Test Furnace BS 476 (20-23) FTech-EN 1363V
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Fire resistance performance of materialprovideimportant information for evaluation samples and Assembly properties. This furnace is a quantitative method of material vertical position and ability to withstand high temperatures.This furnacescan be used for evaluation of fire resistant products, such as walls, doors, air dampers, connections and infiltration sealing agent. Evaluation samples a number of features, including load-carrying capacity, fire control, heat transfer, and so on.
The fire resistance test furnace is designed to comply with the relevant parts of building materials in fire resistance test of EN1363-1,1363-2 hydrocarbon curve and relevant requirements of ISO standard834,and is similar to other States of the relevant provisions. The equipment was specifically designed and after years of improvement, formed a kind of test specimens configuring reliable and accurate methods and necessary part of the combustion chamber, which can be placed on the combustion chamber contains samples of various types of restrictive framework. The control at a specific time, temperature and pressure conditions, the response to heating of the sample to evaluate specific performance standards.
The furnace in the production and installation of lining and tested in the factory, According to your preset function, disassemble into parts packed into trailers suitable for heavy transport.

Standards:EN1363-1,ISO 834 
Design features:

•The inner space of this fire resistance test furnace is 3000mm (w) x 3000mm (h) x 1300mm (d), Lined with 1400 class insulation bricks, refractory filling blockandthe slag plate.furnacetop laying with special-shaped brick and lined with refractory material in situ.
• In some regions apply diatomaceous earth insulation and the super thermal insulation material at low temperature, in a hazardous area area and base of the combustion chamber all for to cement the connection as much as possible using the 42% dense alumina refractory brick lining in the 6-hour high temperature during the test will provide sufficient insulation.
• Fixation of available customized vertical test samples for testing
• Refractory insulation brick used in heat-resistant lining, refractory filling block and the slag plate
• Top shop special-shaped brick and lined with refractory material
• Furnace using low carbon steel, reinforced with c channel steel and h-beams, steel resolve hot deformation
• Sample fixed boxes mounted on the furnace front, fixed by four sets of doors
• Cold noodles with inorganic fiber pad, heat-resistant insulated bricks along the wall pad, shop in situ high temperature block
• Four observation port is located on the long side of the wall, use a heat-resistant quartz glass, clever, convenient operators watch the whole sample in a test case
• Air cooler insulating frame lightweight aluminum fiberboard sliding doors without using a observation port, slide the door blocking the oven available in the heat
• Twelve specialized luminous flame burner. Each fuel burners are fitted with flame supervision devices to ensure combustion combustion safety
• Use button switches at any time automatically inserted into the mouth, according to thepresetheat curve light burning mouth, such as the BS 476-DI20-24bu, EN 1363 and IMO the hydrocarbon curve. Manual control can be lit to specify burning mouth burning mouth.
• The three genuine leaks smoke cross section is circular, each of which contains an airlock. These three air brakes is a round of high-level stainless steel structure and its shaft water cooling. Flue liner here for biodegradable ceramic fiber material.
• Furnace using low carbon steel, reinforced with c channel steel and h-beams, solve the thermal deformation of the steel issue, designed as a strong deformation structures. Strengthening plates for burners, hole, thermocouples, pressure and monitoring points provide holes. Steel frame is designed to ensure that you have considered the use function. The durable nature of the equipment to ensure its life expectancy in a test environment.

Technical feature:
In line with the latest regulations of the thermocouple, locationanddesign.
Would provide the nine thermocouples in the posterior wall of the furnace. Accessories in the packaging, we will supply the right kind of nickel-iron alloy pipes, to support the delivery of the thermocouple.
In line with the latest regulationsofpressure points, locationanddesign.
Place 2 on each side of the combustion chamber wall of nickel-iron alloy pipes, end of the tube "t" shape. Pressure points are all connected to the field wiring ofinverter.
LP gas industrialhigh temperaturelight soft flame burner.
Burner upright position, 6 on each side wall about burning mouth. Burning mouth using LPG. Equipped with all fire safety systems, intermittent ignition systems, and temperature sensors.
Lifting frame and the fixed sample box.
Two sets of frameworks used in vertical samples.High temperatureresistance of precast blocks arranged in a stainless steel frame, high temperatureandlining. These frameworks are to beload-bearingframework. Another separate lifting with two side hooks for lifting samples box to the furnace. Vertical and horizontal sample box easily into the furnace.
Refractorylining of the connection pipe and chimney.
Chimneys made of low carbon steel 9mm, the former 6m with heat-resistant inner lining. On top of the chimney into the furnace high temperature at least 3metresfrom the location, but also according to the required specifications fordesignof chimney.
Burner air intake fan.
Combustion air system is pumping well before the current test.
Temperature sensors and pressure gauge.
Equipped with 9 K-typethermocouple, one flat type thermocouple, a pressure gauge and a thermocouple at normal temperature for assembly.
Observation window
After four in the furnace wall, made of heat-resistant glass, air cooled, connect the supply tubes and stainless steel insulated thermal panels. Alternatives to the viewersisthe aperture of the camera.
Motorized Pressure Controlled Dampers
Gas will go through three openings into the ducts to the furnace back, then to theflue of a common ground. The three air brake is driven by the motor,controlthe pressure ofcombustionchamber .The air brake has to be cooled by water and it requires customers to provide water and drainage.
Electrical installation
All solenoid valves, safe box, spark plugs, fire detectors, vacuum and overpressure switch, electric valves and lock in the security limit switch will be made to connect field wiring terminal junction box by the installation engineer.
PLC and computer control
PLC systems formed by Siemens PLC CPU and SIEMENS Compatible Remote I/O. Fire data management software is written according tocustomer'srequirements to collect and store test data.Itmeets BS 476 part 20-24, EN 1363 and IMO hydrocarbon curve heating requirements. Other standardtime temperaturecurves can also be programmed into the system in advance. The PLC controller includes a built-in operating interface, including the required recording and programming capabilities, as well as the necessary motor starter for all systems. The system programming can heat the curve in thereal timeand shows the boiler control system oncomputerscreen.
Data recording system with dual recording
Record the data on the computer and during the test period, it displays thereal timeanalysis data of the test samples. The device can spread its screen display on a standard computer network and any computer connected to the network can log in to the test information. The facility can be used to provide test data to observers in the laboratory. All records are automatically saved to another computer.
Manual control
The furnace can be operated manually. The complete ignition system is not in any way dependent on the operation of the control computer. Press the clear start button to light the stove. A series of light instructions to clear the sequence correctly. Once they are on a separate burner Control Panel lighting up all the available at the pre-set time burner. If the furnace is not lit during that period, the system will have to be removed. Each region of the position of the air and gas damper motor can be adjusted individually or by a group of the main control regulation. During the test, the safety of the furnace is monitored by a set of interlocking devices, each of which has its own indicator light. The interlocking devices areclosed,so that the linkage of the furnace closure is captured and maintained to the manual reset ignition sequence and an audible alarm device installed.
Technical specifications:
Channel--a total of 240,bipolardifference
Connector-- 4 mm round socket (per channel 2). Other types of requirements are available
Input range--DC voltage of 5 mv , 50mv , 500 mv, 5000mv (software programmable)
Basic resolution--21 bit
Basic accuracy--0.005%FS
Measuring speed --1 ms to 3 seconds (software programmable)
Cold-junction compensation--Absolute compensation +0.1ºC
Computer interface--RS485 75 ohm twisted pair
Power supply--200-240 VAC or 100 -130VAC or 24VAC 40 -70Hz
Power consumption--7VA
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