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The MANIKIN FLAME ENGULFMENT TEST APPARATUS conforms to gbt23467-2009, iso13506 and ASTM F1930 . To empirically evaluate the performance of a garment in a simulated flash fire environment that controls the heat flux, flame distribution and duration of the flame test manikin.To analyze the burn range and measure the time of 2nd and 3rd degree burn using this system.








ISO13506-1Protective clothing against heat and flame- part1: Test method for complete garments-Measurement of transferred energy using an instrumented manikin

ISO13506-2Protective clothing against heat and flame- part2: Skin burn injury prediction- Calculation requirements and test cases

ASTM F1930Standard test method for evaluation of flame-resistant clothing for protection against fire simulations using an instrumented manikin

About system

The test system is mainly composed of test chamber,control system, manikin, data acquisition system, image acquisition system and software. It can calibrate the uniformity of incident heat flow, collect and calculate the temperature of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, complete the analysis of first degree burn, second degree burn and pain, predict the degree and scope of burn, so as to complete the protection clothing definition of protective properties.


1.1 The test meets the requirements of ISO 13506 and ASTM f1930, and the manikin size meets the requirements of ASTM d6240;

1.2 The manikin model is made of non degradable and fireproof ceramic composites;

1.3 The manikin has joints of shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle;

1.4 The connecting cable is connected into the manikin body from the top of the head or the back neck;

1.5 122 sensors were distributed throughout the manikin;


2.1 the sensor is made of copper alloy, and thermocouple is welded on the back of sensor to measure the temperature change of copper plate;

2.2 the thermal radiation range is at least 0-167kw / m2;

2.3 the sensor surface is sprayed with black high temperature resistant paint;

2.4 the response time of thermal sensor is less than or equal to 0.1s;

Test chamber

3.1 the test chamber is constructed of fire-resistant quartz glass and steel structure. The volume of chamber is 4m long x 3.5m wide x 3m high;

3.2 The chamber provides a uniform flame for the test surface of the manikin and provides sufficient space for debugging;

3.3 the chamber shall be provided with independent ventilation equipment to ensure sufficient oxygen supply during the test, and exhaust gas shall be drained after the test;

3.4 the exhaust rate of fan is adjustable, and the exhaust air volume is at least 25m3 / min; it can also provide cooling air with smaller exhaust air volume;

3.5 combustible gas leakage detector and door opening and closing detector are equipped in combustion chamber to ensure personnel and test safety;

Control system

4.1 12 imported burner were used and divided into 6 groups, 2 in each group

4.2 the burner array is composed of hexagonal layout to provide uniform incident heat flow of at least 84kw / m2 for the manikin surface;

4.3 the gas pipeline is arranged with stainless steel pipe, and the flame retardant hose is used to connect with the burner group;

4.4 the inlet explosion-proof solenoid valve controls the gas on-off, and the response time is 0.1s;

4.5 the gas flow is controlled by mass flow controller to accurately control the gas flow to ensure the stability and repeatability of the fire site;

4.6 the burner is equipped with a long open fire igniter for safe pilot fire. During the pilot fire test, the combustion state is maintained throughout the whole process to ensure the ignition safety;

Data acquisition system

5.1 Computer + Labview realizes multi-channel high frequency data sampling and analysis system;

5.2 adopt imported brand data acquisition platform and Ethernet connection to realize time synchronization distributed measurement;

5.3 the imported brand temperature acquisition module is adopted, the sampling frequency is 95hz / channel, the sampling accuracy is ± 0.29 ℃, and the resolution is 0.01 ℃;

5.4 using Labview software platform to achieve synchronous data acquisition, display and record;

5.5124 sensors and temperature environment data are collected synchronously;

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