Contact heat transmission test machine,ISO 12127-2 FTech-ISO12127-2
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This part of ISO 12127 specifies a test method designed to evaluate the heat transfer and the behaviour of materials used for protective clothing when such materials are struck by high temperature metal particles, especially when these are trapped in the folds of the garment in working saituations.
Model :  FTech-ISO12127-2

Technical Parameters
1.The equipment consists of Heating oven, control cabinet and stainless steel test bench;
2.The falling of steel cylinder, is controlled by motor and slide plate is controlled automatically, so that the steel cylinder falls automatically;
3.K type thermocouple with a diameter of 1.5mm and a temperature measurement of 0.1 ºC.
4.The Muffle furnace is used in the heating oven to control the heating temperature above 800 ºC
5.Before the test, the temperature of calorimeter should be reduced to (20 ± 1) ºC.
6.Equipped with two weights, the weight is (175 ± 5) g;
7,The timing range of the timer is0- 9999s, and the timing accuracy is 0.1s.
8,The dimensions of the copper disc are: diameter (8 ± 0.02) mm and the thickness (1.7 ± 0.02) mm.Comprising a K-type thermocouple inserted into the copper disc. Testing range≥1000ºC
9,Support block for the specimen and calorimeter , made of a curved aluminium sheet and fitted on a plastic base element
10.Steel cylinder: Diameter: Ø 6,0 mm ± 11 µm ,Height: 12 mm ± 11 µm,Mass: 2,6 g ± 20 mg
11,Sample diameter: (180*25)mm
12.PLC and touch screen control system
13.PID intelligent control, the system automatically collects temperature data (including start temperature, maximum temperature, temperature difference △ T, real-time temperature);
14The test data is calculated and stored automatically;
15. Dimension:1800mm x 600 mm x 800mm
16.AC 220V 50/60Hz, 6000W
17.Manual and certificate of quality are provided.
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