BAM Fall Hammer Apparatus,EN 13631-4
  • Product Introduction

Model:Ftech- HWP18-30S

1Technical Parameters

1) Working environment(-545)℃<95%RH

2) Load range0.5kg±0.1%1kg±0.1%2kg±0.1%5kg±0.1%10kg±0.1%

3) Falling height range0mm1000mm

4) positioning accuracy±1mm

5) Verticality of guide rail≤1mm/m

6) Weight coaxiality≤φ3.0mm

7) Instrument flatness deviation≤0.20mm

8) Impact range0.5J100J

2、 Standard

United NationsTransport of Dangerous Goods·Manual of Tests and Criteria13.4.2 test 3(a)

EN 13631-4:2002

3、 Functions

1) windows CE operating system

2) 8 inch LCD touch screen can display the test status in real time

3) The wireless remote control can control the weight nd position the weight.

4) The wireless remote control can release the drop weight to realize remote operation

5) The unique function of preventing falling weight from jumping back reduces the unsafe factors in the test

6) The drop weight is made of special quenched steel material, which is firm and precise, and its hardness can reach Rockwell 60-63

7) Special tooling configuration ensures accurate positioning of liquid impact device

8) Equipped with safety protection cover to effectively protect the safety of personnel;

9) The test selection is diversified, and the corresponding test parameters can be configured according to the characteristics of the sample to realize the arbitrary adjustment of the test sequence

10) During the test, the parameters and status are displayed in real time. After the test, the results and the minimum impact energy are automatically analyzed

11)The test process is automatic, and the functions of parameter setting, data storage and report viewing are supported

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