Lithium battery explosion test chamber FTech-UL9540a
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Lithium battery explosion test chamber

Lithium battery combustion and explosion experiment chamber is mainly used for thermal runaway combustion and even explosion experiments of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries explode quickly, release huge energy instantly, and release a variety of toxic and harmful gases. Therefore, in the experiment in a sealed environment, it is necessary to design the pressure-resistant tank according to the process of explosion shock pressurization.

Since the actual explosion energy is related to the number and capacity of the battery, but there is no more detailed data at present, we design and manufacture the explosion test chamber according to the impact pressure capacity of 1MPa. The shock pressure is characterized by an instantaneous increase in pressure and a return to normal pressure or slightly higher than normal pressure in a very short time.

The battery thermal failure test system consists of the following parts:

Explosion chamber, heating system, pressure detection system, temperature detection system, air purge system, nitrogen filling system, vacuum system, gas sampling system;

1. Design

2.1. The experiment cabin is designed as a cylindrical tank with an internal volume of about 82L and placed horizontally. It is composed of cabin body, cabin door, supporting feet, observation window, auxiliary heating failure device, etc.,

as shown in Figure 1

Function description of the explosion chamber:

1. The design of the explosion chamber adopts the design of lifting ring to open the door, which is convenient for opening and closing the door.

2. The internal volume of the explosion chamber is 82L

3. The air inlet of the explosion chamber adopts high-precision seamless steel pipe with threaded interface.

4. The electrical circuit inlet adopts high-pressure-resistant imported sealing joints, which is easy to install and change wires and has a good sealing effect.

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Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of experimental cabin

Introduction to cabin structure

1. The inner diameter of the experimental chamber cylinder is designed to be 450mm, and the total length is about 500mm. It is made of Q345R high-pressure steel plate. The overall impact pressure is above 5MPa and the maximum pressure is 7Map;

2. The main body of the cabin is integrally cast from steel, one end is fixed and welded with an elliptical head, and the other end is welded with a flange as an openable cabin door, which is sealed by a metal sealing ring. Both the cylinder and elliptical heads of this structure have the characteristics of high compressive strength and uniform force.

3. The cabin door and the cylinder body are connected by a rotating boom device, which can be unscrewed to the right. The diameter of the cabin door hole is 450mm and the cylinder body is the same, which is convenient for the installation of experimental samples and the arrangement of testing instruments.

4. After the door is closed, a full circle of bolts are used to tighten, which can withstand the maximum impact pressure of 5Mpa without leakage.

The air inlet is automatically controlled by a valve, which can complete the functions of nitrogen filling and purgin

1. The exhaust port can be controlled by the valve to complete the functions of vacuuming, deflating and collecting sample gas;

2. Pressure measuring port, connecting pressure gauge, pressure transmitter and safety relief valve, etc.;

3. The line entrance is reserved with line interfaces such as thermocouple, heating wire and signal wire.

Forced failure device of electric heating

1. The equipment provides an automatic heating control system. The heating rate can be set. (Note: The battery heater is provided by the manufacturer according to the battery specifications)

2. The heating control system can control the maximum power of 2kw.

3. The heating temperature and heating rate can be set. Heating rate 4℃~7℃/min

4. The computer automatically controls the heating rate Equipped with battery and heater platform bracket

Pressure measurement system

1. It is composed of a high-pressure pressure gauge, a high-pressure sensor imported from Germany and an Omega vacuum pressure gauge;

2. The front end of the high-pressure sensor and the vacuum sensor are equipped with high-pressure ball valve protection, and the corresponding pressure measurement channel is automatically selected according to the operating procedure;

Temperature measurement system

1. Imported Omega thermocouple;

2. Maximum support 8 channels of temperature signal acquisition (heating control temperature channel)

Control and detection system

1. Computer + Labview computer control system.

2. The program automatically controls the heating rate; the heating rate is 4℃~7℃/min.

3. Real-time temperature acquisition system, real-time temperature data curve generation.

4. Real-time monitoring of the pressure in the cabin.

5. The program automatically replaces the gas in the cabin to meet the oxygen concentration in the cabin less than 1%.

6. Equipped with automatic cleaning program for cabin gas.

electrical interface description

Electrical wiring requirements: (need to connect electrical wires from the outside to the cabin)

1. Temperature sensor wiring: 8 channels

3. Heating wire: 2 groups, 2KW each

4. Voltage signal line: 1 line

5. Spare signal lines: 6 lines


1. The size of the cabin: 1.5 meters wide X 2 meters long

2. Total equipment: 700KG

3. Power supply: 220V, 10kw;

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