Gas Explosion Limit Tester
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Gas Explosion Limit Tester

The explosion limit tester can realize the explosion limit measurement of combustible gas or volatile solid or liquid under high temperature environment. At the same time, it can test the maximum explosion pressure when combustible gas explodes. The explosion limit measured under high temperature and high pressure conditions has great reference value for chemical process design and risk assessment and control;

The test instrument meets the requirements of UL9540A to test the lower limit of combustion and the maximum explosion pressure of the gas released by battery thermal failure. At the same time, it can test the upper and lower concentration limits of flammable gases or vapors that burn and explode, as well as the explosion pressure, explosion index, etc. The test results can be used to characterize the sample explosion risk, explosion severity, and evaluate the degree of explosion damage, etc.

Function and technical index

1.1. Use 20L stainless steel explosive ball;

1.2. The use of wrapped heaters can realize rapid temperature control and adjustment in the explosion field, and the heating rate is more stable.

1.3. Equipped with imported high-precision pressure sensors, the mixed gas is configured by the Dalton partial pressure method to accurately control the gas concentration;

1.4. Adopt computer automatic high-voltage automatic electric spark ignition method;

1.5. Equipped with OMEGA thermocouple imported from the United States, with a temperature accuracy of ±0.5℃

1.6. Equipped with a vacuum pump for vacuuming the cabin, and equipped with an imported brand vacuum gauge.

1.7. Equipped with imported solenoid valve for gas distribution to realize automatic gas distribution and automatic measurement.

1.8. The final combustion and explosion state can be judged by pressure changes;

1.9. Equipped with magnetic stirring function, which can realize the full mixing of gas in the cabin.

1.10. Using special pressure sensor for explosion, the working temperature is high, stable, and the accuracy is better;

1.11. Computer automatic control system. Implement output temperature curve, pressure curve, and automatically calculate the lower limit of gas combustion, maximum explosion pressure, explosion index and other test parameters.

1.12, automatic control, automatic vacuum, automatic gas distribution, automatic stirring; 1.13, stainless steel container pressure: 2.0Mpa, burst valve pressure: 2.0Mpa;

1.14, Explosion pressure sensor: 2.0Mpa, linearity is ±1.0%FS

1.15. Pressure recording sampling rate: sampling frequency 10.0kHz;

1.15. High-voltage spark ignition energy: 15kV, 30mA, ignition electrode gap: 6.4mm;

Technical parameter

1) Working environment: (-5~45)℃, <95%RH

2) Test object: gas or vaporizable solid, liquid

3) The temperature control range of the cabinet: (-10~250)℃

4) Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

5) Measuring range of sample temperature: (-50~300)℃

6) Resolution of sample temperature measurement: 0.1℃

7) Accuracy of sample temperature measurement: ±0.5℃

8) Pressure measurement range: (0~110)kPa

9) Pressure measurement accuracy: ±0.1%FS

10) Work can reach vacuum degree: ≤1.33kPa

11) Leakage: ≤0.1kPa/min

12) Ignition spark gap: 6.4mm

13) Ignition arc voltage/current: 15kV/30mA

14) Ignition duration: (0~1)s

20L stainless steel container

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