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Technical Specifications:

Size of furnace: front opening - 2000 mmx 1500 mm and

ceiling opening - 1500mmx 1500mm to

test specimen size of 2000mmx 1500 mm (Vertical); 1500 mmx 1500 mm (Horizontal)

Heating power: 1600kW

Type of Burner: 5 units, Medium Velocity Nozzle Mix Type

Maximum Furnace Temperature: 1250 degree celsius

Test Standards: ISO834-1,EN 1363-1, ASTM E 119, UL263, BS 476 part 20

Electric Supply (Furnace): 415 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 4- wire system, 150 Amperes

Furnace Chamber:

Furnace Casing: Mild Steel Fabricated Structure

Chamber Dimension: 2500mmx1500mm 1500mm Deep

Refractory Material: Insulating Fire Bricks Grade 28

Heating Mode:

Burners shall be mounted on the sidewalls of the furnace

Burner Make: The burner is made of Schneider/shineng, the solenoid valve is made of Honeywell (USA), and the proportional valve is made by Hockert (Germany).

Combustion Air Blower : 1 unit

Combustion Control Panel:

Construction: Front Access powder coated cubicle

Master Temperature Controller: German Siemens PLC control and Taiwan Advantech

Number of Heating Zones: One (1) zone control

Furnace Chamber Pressure System:

Pressure Transmitter type: Differential Pressure Transmitter

Range: -50 Pascals to +50 Pascals including adjustments for zero setting

Servo motor-controlled damper: 1

Automatic Furnace Damper Control System: 1

Damper Construction: Heat Resistant Metal

Other minimum requirements

Furnace ceiling enclosure insulated with low thermal insulation

The combustion system is able to generate heat within the furnace chamber according to the standard Time- Temperature Curve for a duration of up to 240 minutes

Furnace wall lining/insulation shall be made of ceramic fiber modules or an equivalent material that has a classification temperature and density that meets the requirements of test standards.

The burner quarls shall be made of dense refractory castable according to burner manufacturer's specifications

Provision for connecting 25 specimen thermocouples as well as 5 additional channels for furnace chamber  thermocouples, ambient thermometer and exhaust duct thermocouple.Provision for connecting 1 pressure transmitter to monitor furnace chamber pressure.

At least two viewing ports on the rear wall for observing the entire test specimen on the fire-exposed side of the Test Specimen.

Provision of refractory lined Test Specimen Restraint Frame for mounting vertical test specimen (2 mx 1.5 m complete with standalone supports to keep the frame upright

Provision of refractory lined Test Specimen Restraint Frame for mounting horizontal test specimen (1.5 mx 1.5 m complete with standalone 4 legged platform to support the frame during the installation of the test specimen.

Provision of measuring devices as follows: one set of 50 Specimen Thermocouples, 4 sets of Furnace

Thermocouples (ASTM E119), 4 sets of Plate Thermometers (EN 1363-1), Thermocouple Pads for 25 pcs

Specimen Thermocouple (ASTM E119), 25 pcs Specimen Thermocouple Pads (EN 1363-1), 1 kg of Thermocouple pad adhesive, 1 set cotton pad holder, 1 set gap gauge (6 mm), 1 set Gap Gauge (25 mm), 1 set Roving

Thermocouple with handheld thermometer

Provision of smooth adjustment system for the thermocouples in the furnace, to withdraw them at the end of the test to protect them from damage

Provision of Industrial Nozzle Mix Gas burners operated with liquefied gas supplied through a vaporization


Provision of a motorized damper system and inverter controlled extraction fan for the control of the furnace chamber pressure

Provision of arefractory lined furnace exhaust and outdoor chimney with a height of 3 m above the building roof

Calibration certificate for the following measurement parameters: pressure transmitter (1 sample piece), furnace thermocouple (1 representative sample piece) and specimen thermocouple (1 representative sample piece)


Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Trial Operation of the furnace system Supply and installation of gas tank farm, vaporization system and pipe work to the furnace

Electricity wiring works, measurement, control and automation technology consists of:

·The switch and control cabinet for the control and protection of all burners and damper.

·The control/regulation and, if necessary, protective devices.

·Switching and control equipment with information about the manufacturer of the control system, including all required licenses after commissioning.

·The operational status of the furnace should be monitorable and visualized on a PC. The placement of the control cabinet is planned in the immediate vicinity behind the furnace on the back wall of the hall.

·A steel mezzanine and control roomshall be provided. This visualization should include at least the following: ·Visualization of the operating states and control of the furnace on a 27 in. PC screen.

·Fully automatic control of the furnace in normal operation.

·With semi-automatic control in manual mode.

Assignment of furnace thermocouples to ·the respective burner or burner groups. The assignment must be

changeable during the tests, for example, if one of the furnace thermocouples develops a defect during the test. ·Digital data evaluation of all measured values, including real-time data backup during the test.

·Transfer of all measured values in a CSV or Excel format specified by the client after the end of the test. ·Visualization of all relevant test measurements, including:

·Visualization of all thermocouples.

·Display of at least 5 averages that can be freely assigned to the furnace 25 specimen TCs.

·Color representation of TC measurements from at least three temperature limits that can be freely selected as variables (e.g., changing from green to red when the temperature exceeds 180K).

·Selection of temperature-time curves

according toASTM E119 and EN1363-1 as well as at least one freely definable temperature-time curve. ·Display of all control parameters for burner and pressure control as variables.

·Optional visualization of the measured values(TC) and averages, as well as the test time,

order number, and client, on a sufficiently large screen in the outdoor area of the control room (if FPRDI decides to build a control room).

· Additional visualization of the test time, order number, and client on a sufficiently large screen located beside

the furnace.

The system is equipped with an alarm system to indicate errors and malfunctions.

LPG Tank Farm to supply 125 kg/hr of LPG from Gas Cylinders.

Gas pipe works between Gas Tank Farm to the Furnace System

Diesel Fired Generator Set to supply electricity to the Furnace system (150 amperes /415 Volts /3 phase / 50 Hz) Electric wiring works between the Generator Set to the Furnace System

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