UL94 Horizontal/ Vertical Flame Test Machine FTech-UL94
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed according to plastic Materials flammability test; It is used to test flammability, burning rate, flame spread, burning flame retardancy. High degree of automation, test data is accurate.
UL94 IEC 60695-11-10,IEC 60707,ISO 1210,
UL94 V-0,V-1,V-2,IEC 60695-11-10,ISO 1210,
Main Features

Cabinet and fixture features:
1.1 Case Dimensions: Length 1200mm X width 600mm X height 1300mm;
1.2 Large combustion flame box 0.55m³, ensure that the test has adequate air supplied;
1.3 Case black paint; internal baked black paint (standard) corrosion-resistant;
1.5, large glass observation window, nice; easy sample combustion observation and operation;
1.6, All fixtures are made of 304 stainless steel; It is designed with clamps of horizontal and vertical burning combined. Easy to operate;
1.7,304tainlesssteel flame height scale;
Burner and gas control:
2.1, 0°and 45°angle burner convenient adjustment;
2.2, The United States imports Bunsen burner, tube length 100mm ± 10mm, inner diameter of 9.5mm ± 0.3mm; full compliance with the requirements IEC60695-11-4 burner;
2.3, Burner itself can adjust the air and gas flow;
2.4 Japan imported flow meter and flow valve, precise control of the combustion gas flow
2.5, High-precision pressure control valve and pressure gauge
2.6, U-shaped tube differential manometer;
2.7, Precise control of the flame height 20mm ± 2mm;
Control system
3.1, 9 "touch screen for control / testing / computing / data display.
3.2, Pulsed high voltage electronic automatic ignition.
3.3, PLC automatically record and storage combustion time.
3.5, No need stopwatch and record manuscript; the system automatically records the test time and generate test reports;
3.6, Ignition time could be set any time. Meet variety of test standards;
3.8 Test level value (HB0 HB40 HB75 / V-0 V-1 V-2) and the standard value on the screen can be checked.
3.9, The horizontal and vertical flame test program on the touch screen can be switched.
3.10, Automatic timer device can record the test of time and stored in the system, the report can be found;
3.11 Exhaust fan;

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