Mining Cable Flame Resistant Apparatus, Mt386-2011 FTech-MT386
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This tester is designed according to the standard MT 386-1995 "coal mine fire retardant cable test methods and determine the rules",and used to test the combustion characteristics of MT 818-2009 "cable for coal mine" under overload condition. Chamber shell made of stainless steel plate, beautiful color fastness. For flame retardant cable for coal mine, flame retardant cable joints and other flammability test under high current operation state, the cable core reached 204ºC, the cable applied certain intensity and time of the flame to determine cable sheath and insulating materials in this state of flame retardant materials, anti high temperature performance and other indicators.



Main Features:
1, Test Box is sheet metal painted, beautiful and corrosion-resistant, with large transparent viewing window;The internal fixtures are made of SUS 304, beautiful and corrosion resistance;
2, Combustion chamber size is 1100×500×1000mm; The internal volume is more than 0.5m³;
3, The electronic control box size of 1100×500×800mm;
4, The brass burner diameter of ¢ 9.5 ± 0.5mm, the length is about 102mm, with air adjusting hole;
5, With a torch lever, sliding the burner freely;
Combustion Systems:
1.Equiped with high-voltage automatic ignition and automatic gas shut-off control;
2, The flame height can be adjusted;
3, Needle valve can precisely control the gas flow and the flame height;
4, Regulating valve can precise control the gas pressure;
5, The torch can precisely controll flame height and burn calories;
Electrical control system:
1, When the burner is evacuated, the control system automatically cut off the electric current through the specimen,
2, Manual control the load breaking;
3, Test time reminder; reminds experimenter evacuating blowtorch when burned 1min.
4, The load current is 10 ~ 3000A.
5, The timer range: 0 ~ 9999s (standard 4min) when the temperature reaches 204 ºC, the system will alarm and automatic cut-off to extinguish the flame.
1, The working voltage is AC 220V and 380V ± 10% 50Hz;
2, Weight: 300 kg;
3, Ambient temperature is -15 ~ 45 ºC; relative humidity is (30 ~ 80)% RH
4. Gas:The methane gas ≥95% ; customer-provided

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