Vertical Tray Fire Test Apparatus, UL1685、IEEE 1202 FTech-UL1685
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This tester is based on IEEE1202 and IEEE 383 standard design and development. This tester is used to assess single or bunched cables under defined conditions inhibit the spread of flame apparatus ability to meet UL 1685, IEEE 383 and IEEE 1202's testing requirements. UL flame contact test is a vertical flame teststand,when the cable is subjected to shock and burning fire source, the cable damage height and decided to test the value of smoke emission. We meet the UL testing procedures cable is accepted this device can be used to evaluate the assessment of single cable or multicore cable flame spread situation. In this device can also increase gas analysis HRR (heat release rate), smoke density and other means for analyzing the test material.
• UL1685
• IEEE 1202
- Flame propagation - Wire and cable test
• IEEE 383
IE-level nuclear power cables, field connectors and connector type test standard
Main Features
1, The test box size is 2,600 (W) x 2,600 (D) x 3,100 (H) mm, the volume is 20.28m3, internal area is 6.76m2.
2, The internal toolings are all made of stainless steel;
3, The combustion test box structure with a smoke discharge hole, there are the fresh air intake;
4, The test room walls made of concrete bricks or refractory bricks. Walls have observation window;
5, The test room containing an access gate made from steel material;
6, Two-way differential pressure sensor measuring flue gas flow rate; and import pressure sensors, pressure precision 0.025pa;
7, K-type thermocouple (Inconel) detects the temperature of the flue;
8, Cable bracket size:(300mmx76mmx2400mm);
9, The burner is formed by the ribbon propane torch andinportwick;
10, Propane flow meter: at standard temperature and pressure (20 ° C, 101 kPa) at (220 ± 8 cm3 / s);
11, Air flow meter: at standard temperature and pressure (20 ° C, 101 kPa) at (1280 ± 80 cm3 / s);
12, Thermocouple and bi-directional wind speed, which installed in the exhaust pipe, can measure exhaust temperature and gas flow rate;
13, Tray size is 305 (length) × 76 (width) × 2438 (height) mm, ladders horizontal width of 25 ± 6mm, spanning a 229mm;
14, Ribbon propane burner with a mixerVentury, which meet IEC60332-3;
15, Using the data acquisition board, accurately capture and measure the internal component temperatures and burner flame temperature;
16, Solenoid valve and ignition by button on the control panel manual control, emergency situations can turn off the power to the instrument (not including PC power supply);
Smoke density systems:
1, The smoke density analysis: beam clear shot automatic lighting system measures the smoke density; color temperature is of 2900 ± 100K, current fluctuation range of ± 0.5%; smoke density linear output with time compensation;.
2, Together into a 20mm lens parallel light beam; d / f <0.04;
3, The detector, spectral distribution corresponding to the degree consistent with CIE; color standard functions precision ± 5%; less than 1% output linearity within 3% transmittance or absolute light transmittance;
Measuring System:
1, Digital data acquisition system is used to collect and record smoke density and pressure measurement. The speed and capacity of the system is to collect data from every 5 seconds.
2, To ensure that the nominal gas flow in the pipe line is 0.65 ± 0.05 cubic meters / second.
3, Computer control system,labviewsoftware; beautiful interface, easy to operate;


Model TTech-UL1685
Size Internal cabinet dimensions: 2,600(W)×2,600(D)×3,100(H)mm
Console Size 600(W)×750(D)×1600(H)mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Weight Approx. 500kg(chamber), Approx. 130kg(control)
Manual Supplied
Exhaust 0.63~0.67m2/s( Measuring), Minimum 100m2 / min (extraction)
Tool gases, personal computers, vacuum cleaners, propane gas

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