Full Face Masks Flame Resistance Test Machine, En136 FTech-GA124T
  • Product Introduction
Fireman fire-protective clothing is mainly composed of jacket and bibcomposition,may also wear fire protective helmets, fire protective bootsandfire-protective gloves!
Each set must befitteda serial number of check marks with strong national fire equipment quality inspection center is to be manufactured.
This machine is designed andproductedaccording to GA 124-2013 latest version of the standard development; meet the standard tool for back, back with a belt buckle, bottle protective cover and full face shield barrier combustion performance test; the instrument is intelligent, touch-screen control system; the freedom to choose different samples of test procedures; and test results are automatically saved.

• EN 136: Respiratory protective devices - Full face masks - Requirements, testing, marking
GA 124-2013 latest version of the standard requirements
1, Cabinet is painted, elegant appearance;
2, The full face mask and back strap with a combustion device with platform integration of structural design;
3, All toolings are made of stainless steel, appearance, corrosion resistance;
4, pressure gauge and a pressure regulating valve;
5, Needle valve control the flow rate of the burner gas ;
6, PLC and touch screen control systems; test interface is easy to operate;
7, The system automatically timing, the heat data is automatically recorded and stored;
Full face mask test section:
• Burning test private metal mould
1, Six imported burner nozzle, you can control propane and air flow rate,
2, Burner nozzle height can be adjusted up and down; 250mm from the outer surface of the specimen,
3, Pressure gauge and regulator valve regulates the burner gas pressure in the range of 0 ~ 10kPa,
4, Gas automatic blocking device, which blocked gas supplies when the test is 5seconds,
6, Automatic ignition, switches off automatically after 5s ignition;
• Back with strap test section:
1, Stainless steel baffle plate, appearance and corrosion;
2, Imported Bunsen burner, gas and air flow rate can be adjusted;
3, Torch lifting device; stainless steel sample holder;
4, Automatic timing;
5, Flame height is 40mm; the temperature at 20mm is 800 ± 50 ºC;
6,utAomaticignition, turns off automatically after 20s ignition;
Size: 1,400 (W) x 650 (D) x 1,300 (H) mm

Power: AC 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 15A;

Weight: 80 kg

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