Full Face Thermal Radiation Resistance Test Machine, En 136 FTech-EN136
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Fireman fire-protective clothing is mainly composed of jacket and bibcomposition,may also wear fire protective helmets, fire protective bootsandfire-protective gloves!
Each set must befitteda serial number of check marks with strong national fire equipment quality inspection center is to be manufactured.
StandardsEN 136 - Respiratory protective devices - Full face masks - Requirements, testing and markingMain
1, Cabinet paint treatment, beautiful; all toolings are made of stainless steel production, appearance, corrosion resistance;
2,PLC andtouch screencontrol systems; test interface is easy to operate;
3, The system automatically timing, the thermal data is automatically recorded and stored;
4, Various test reports independent storage and freedom retrieval;
5, Touch screen and PLC  control system, automatic timing, the heat data is automatically recorded and stored;
•Metal headmould, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant;
• The distance between radiation source and the metal mould is 175mm, the HRR at this location is 7.0~9.0 kW / m2;
• US imports of heat meter to accurately detect the radiant heat;
• Temperature controller controls the heat release rate of the heat radiating device (resolution: 0.1kW / m2)
• Radiation clapboard free for extraction and placement.
• Head-mould moving is base on the slide design,
• Auxiliary lung: artificial respiration can be carried out during the testing process; artificial breathing device work 10-30 times per minute, each circle 1.0~2.5L,
• PLC automatic control device,
Optional:auxiliary lung

Size: 1,400 (W) × 600 (D) × 1,400 (H) mm
Power: AC 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 30A
Weight: 80kg
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