(Protective clothing) Protection Against Radiant Heat Test Machine, En 366 FTech-ISO6942
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This test is in accordance with ISO6942 and EN366 standards of design and manufacturing. This tester fully compliant to test requirements and receivedUSand European customers'acception; The device has a user-friendly, intuitive, Windows-based application that provides a complete thermal control, fault detectionanddata recording. RPP system configuration and burn prediction also included in theThermDAC.
User-definedtest allows the operator to definea non-standardtest conditions and custom tolerances. You can view multiple graphs display withzoomfeature to view specific conditions in details. Real-time statistics can be applied to the test data within any user selected time range.
This tester used for performance evaluation against heat and flame protective clothing when faced with short flame thermal motion.Imposeda certain calorie density (80KW/m ² ± 5%) of heat, under the specimens that composed of protective clothing. When measuring the growth rate of heat through over time (time: seconds, temperature: ºC) by heat meter that installedon testsample, to determine the insulation properties of sample materials.Thisapparatus is applied to measuring the fabric of single-layer or multi-layer underhigh temperaturethermal radiation properties, can also be used for other fire-retardant insulation of plates.
Standards:EN 366,ISO 6942
Main Features:

1, The testeris consistedofradiationdevice, the specimen clamping deviceandcontrol system;
2, Stainless steel frame structure, appearance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean;
3, Specimen size: 230mm x 80mm;
4, Radiation source is made up of 5 infrared quartz lamp, power 500W, and provide at least 80kW/m2radiant heat;
5, Standard copper heat flow meter,heatmeasuring range 0~100kw/m2;
6, A cooling device (cooling water inlet);
7, Intelligent water circulation control system;
8, The water temperature alarm function; ensure the safe operation and test stability;
9, Computer control system; to achieve more intelligent test and easy to operate;
10, Timer accuracy is 1s;
11, Constantan thermocouple: measurement Accuracy 0.1 ºC, meet the design requirements of ISO 6942
12, Metal protection shutters, with water cooling device;
13, Computer records and displays real-time continuous temperature curve;
14, Automatic operation mode, test time can be set freely.
15, According to ISO 6942-2002 (EN366) standards, there are two methods to test the thermal protection;
16, The first method (A method) is a specimen to withstand a certain amount of heat radiation, recording changes in appearance in order to reproduce the material the inclementconditions .
17, The second method (B method) is a calorimeter inside a specimen back, when heat conduction from samples back, recording temperature trends over time, in order to determine the level of thermal radiation transfer.
Model FTech-ISO6942
Thermocouple Copper, Constantan (T); diameter: 0.25mm
Calorimeter Copper Specifications: Thickness 1.6 mm; purity: 99.95%
Press Release Plate Specification:149×149×6t mm(center:φ90mm hole)weight:264±13g
Heat flux density 10kW/m2 ~ 80 kW/m2 adjustable;
Thermal radiation temperature control Room temperature ~ 1200ºC ± 5ºC (display accuracy of 1ºC; having PID smart regulation Controller
Thermal radiation temperature sensor Thermocouple (0 ~ 100ºC)
Circulating pump HQB-3900/100W/220V/50Hz
Operating platform Windows operating systems;
Flame shield plate Operation: manual/automatic front pulled way;
Material: heat-resistant inorganic-based thermal materials
Power AC 220V 50Hz
Outline dimension W1510×D650×H1220mm
Weight About 200kg
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