(TPP)Thermal protective performance Tester ISO 17492 FTech-ISO 17492
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This tester is suitable for textiles and garments, petroleum chemical industry, labor protection and quality supervision, inspection and other industries or establishments with different requirements for protective clothing for thermal protection performance test, for the development of flame-retardant protective clothing in the production process, quality control and flame retardant protective clothing for the use of thermal protection performance test provides a reliable scientific basis. Used for testing protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, thermal protective performance at the outer surface of the helmet. By established under the effect of heat radiation source, testing the thermal protective performance of materials.

Model:FTech-ISO 17492


NFPA 1971ASTM D4108ISO17492-2003

Main Features:

1, Stainless steel frame structure, appearance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean;

2, The heat source consistsof:1 set of radiation heat source and two 45° convection heat. Radiant heat from the nine T-150 infrared quartz lamp components. Convection heat lamp composedbytwoMekerlamp.

3, Equipped with removable stainless steel protection plate; ensure the safety and reliability of the testing process;

4, The basic components of the thermal protective performance instrument are the sample holder assembly, fire-breathing head radiant heat, water shutter sensors, data acquisition systems, fuel control regulator, rotary gas meter;

5, Two 45-degree placed Meker burner;

6, Tube inner diameter is 38mm, the hole diameter is 5/16 inch, providing 800-1200 Btu heat output burner ports is a metal mesh structure, a valve at the bottom of the burner can be adjusted to control the mixing ratio of air and gas;

7, 9 T150 infrared quartz tube array, which provides heat flux of 13 kW/m2 ± 4 kW/m2;

8, With quartz infrared heat radiation, the total heat flux can be set on 83kW/m2±2kW/m2 ,by adjusting theMekerburner gas supply;

Control System:

1, The United States imported water-cooled heat flow meter, operating range is 0-100KW/m2, and the maximum range is 150%;

2, The response time of heat flow meter is less than 200ms, the radiation rate is greater than 0.95, the output signal inworkingrange is greater than 5mv;

3, Equipped with a heat flux meter to show the real-time heat flux value;

4, Testing protection thermal protection factor of TPP, displaytime - temperaturecurve;

5, Rotameter can adjust combustion gas flow, the accuracy is ±2%, range greater than 3 l/min;

6, A pointer gauges, intake pressure can be adjusted by the reducing valve, the range of the reducing valve is 0-15psi;

7, Quarter turn plugs, combustible gas can be cut manually;

8, Sensor data acquisition system capable of recording the lowest temperature of 150 ºC. The temperature acquisition system with a resolution of 0.1C°, an accuracy of ± 0.75°C.

9, Data acquisition system for the automation of data collection rate should be at least 10Hz, and provide cold junction compensation for thermocouple measurements.

10, Equipped with computers and printers, with the standard test software, standard test curve.


Voltage 220V 50Hz 10A

Weight: 150kg

Dimensions: length 1200mm x width 600mm x height 600

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