Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment CFR 1615/1616 FTech-CFR1615
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Due to the young children lackofawareness of danger, when pajamascomesinto contact with fire, can cause burning and jeopardize safety. This makes such products safe for the flammability of children's sleepwear is one of the more important aspects of the problem. Some developed countries have formulated relevant technical regulations and standards,fire-retardantperformance of requirements for children's sleepwear, and tested in accordance with the method specified in the regulations, not up to the requirements of the products will be banned from importing and selling.
This machine is designed based on CFR 1615/1616 children's pajamas, CA TB117 related standard. Mainly used in testing the retardant performance of children's pajamas or fabric when exposed to a smallfire .
CFR 1615/1616 Children's Sleepwear;

Main features:
1, Box painted with transparent viewing window;
2, The combustion chamber dimensions: length 329mm x width 329mm x height 767mm;
3, Electronic automatic ignition;
4, Burner automatic timing and positioning;
5, The ignition time set arbitrary 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, continued burning time and flame time are automatically recorded, digital display;
6, The flame height can be adjusted freely, flame temperature measuring device can be configured;
7, "Push-pull" rack fixture;
8, The burner is fixed to the sliding track, easy to operate, the needle valve can adjust the flame height;
9, Depending on the test samples, multiple samples holder to choose;
Technical Specifications:
1, The sample size: Textiles: 80mm × 300mm;
2, The burner moving motor power: 10W;
3, Ignition timing: 0~99.99 seconds set arbitrarily, (Standard by 12 seconds);
4, Continued burning time and flame timer: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, accuracy: ± 0.01s;
5, The flame height measuring device: 40mm scale high;
6, Burning gas: methane, propane or butane or liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gases;
7, Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W;
8, Weight: 20kg.
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