Curtain Flame Propagation Test Machine, Nfpa 701 FTech-NFPA701-1
  • Product Introduction
This machine is mainly based on NFPA 701.Whichregulations fabrics and films flame propagation test method for fabrics, and apply to curtains and drapes, curtains, or other shelter materials windows, awning, tent, waterproof cloth and fabric structure similar construction and banners.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) NFPA 701: 2004 & 2009 Edition Test Method 1
Main Features:
1, Box painted with transparent viewing window;
2, Combustion chamber dimensions: length 940mm x width 505mm x height 705mm;
3, Electronic automatic ignition, import Merke lamp (MekerBurner) Burner;
4 Burner automatic timing; automatic timing reminder;
5, Ignition timing 0~99.99 seconds set arbitrarily, continued burning time and flame time are automatically recorded, digital display;
6, The flame height can be adjusted freely,flametemperature measuring device can be configured;
7, "Push-pull" rack fixture;
8, The burner is fixed to the sliding track, easy to operate, the needle can adjust the flame height;
9 Meter range: 0~1800cc/min;
10, Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 30W.
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