Blanket Flammability Test Machine, ASTM D4151 FTech-ASTM4151
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This tester is designed and developed based on ASTM D4151; Suitable for bedding, including bed sheets, blankets,mattress mattress, pillow, duvet, and similar products that used to cover on the bed of the flame retardant performance;This test methodis usethe standardize flame to burn the sample surface within the prescribed time, observing the combustion, degree of damage or discoloration of standard sample, in order toevaluationthe fabric grading of the test.

American Association of Materials  ASTM D4151
Main Features:
1, Stainless steel cabinet, width 370mm x length 220mm x height 510mm, with transparent viewing window;
2, 18-gauge needle flame, the flame length is adjustable;
3, The ignition timing can be setfreely;
4, Automatic timing, timing accuracy 0.1s;
5, High-precision needle precise control of gas flow and the flame height;
6, Meter range: 0~ 60cc/min;
7, Equipped with a butane canister gas installations, you are outfitted with gas cans or gas tank;
8, To provide the bristles means and the sample holder;
9, To provide a standard stainless steel sample clip;
10, Power supply: 220V, 50Hz.

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